Thursday, December 18, 2014

Paintings for Summer by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

Tea on the Terrace
150mm x 210mm
6" x 8" 
Acrylic on Canvas
ZAR 1333
US$ 131

To buy, view or read my CV click here

A Long Cool Drink

150mm x 210mm

6" x 8" 

Acrylic on Canvas

ZAR 1333

US$ 131

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Spring Morning" by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

Since I stepped away from the rabbits and stitch cartoons with their formality, I have been leaning towards Impressionism more and more. I am quite settled in the tropical town of Durban. As I found long ago when I lived here, I am almost invigorated by the heat and humidity. Suddenly my palette bursts with colour and vibrance.

To do the particular background effect, I cut shapes from the skins of dry paint which I peeled from my palette. This gave my one grand daughter much joy, because I was "recycling" paint!

"Spring Morning" 
by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

"Spring Morning" 
150mm x 210mm
6" x  8"
ZAR 1417
US$ 139


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Moment" by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

Although I admire simplicity in art, and those cool detached figures, I find that as soon as I start planning a new painting, a strong narrative comes through. Here, in a sunny garden with a glimpse of the ocean, a boy and his Mom has a sweet moment together.

8' x 8'  (200mm x 200mm)
Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
(sides were left white)

US$ 163
(R 1667)

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Figurative Work by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

I have rediscovered my love for figurative art, and I do think that the stitch cartoons was only a stepping stone for me. They are fun and I still do them on request. I spend a lot of time on each painting to get the exact mood. I hope you like them! Here are 4 paintings that I have done recently, with links to buying or viewing or for looking at my CV.

In the Cool of the Day
Original Painting by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

 6' x 8' Acrylic on Canvas
150mm x 210mm

US$ 163
View or Purchase HERE

Equestrienne in White 
Original Painting by South African Impressionist
 Marie Theron

6' X 8'
150mm x 210mm
US$ 163 SOLD
View  HERE

The Yellow Guitar 
Original Painting by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
10' x 10' 
250mm x 250mm
US$ 204

To get a sense of the scale of the painting,
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Moms and Tods in the Tea Garden. 
Original Painting by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

10" X 10" Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
250mm x 250mm
US$ 204

visit this link to view or buy
to read more about me, 
and to see the scale of this painting.

You can also see a selection of my figurative work on Facebook

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Special Stitch Cartoon for an Artist

This was such a fun assignment. I usually draw directly onto my canvas, but then I received the list of animals (and a parrot) to be included in this commissioned biographical stitch cartoon, plus the artist's favourite outfits and symbols and colours! I just had to make a few drawings first. The artist is Valencia van Zyl. Her amazing style is something that I cannot even imitate (some have tried, but it lacks her special quality). The outcome of this painting was that both she and I were happy with it in the end.

Here are a few more of my stitch cartoons:

The warm colours, the pets, the cosy dark sofas and curtains, all create a sense of welcome and homeliness. The scenes are "stitched" together, stitches  being a symbol of domesticity. The ladies are faceless to emphasize the body language. There is a feeling of patience and anticipation in the waiting figures.

There is a calendar available with 12 of the best stitch cartoons. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Waiting Woman II,Snow and I and Waiting Woman III

It is night-time and the ladies are waiting up!

In Waiting Woman II a homely note is introduced by a relaxed pose with T-shirt, denim skirt and sandals, and the very warm-coloured interior. Our pet rabbit, Snow, who has featured in my paintings before, posed for the bunnies. The clean white look emphasizes domestic efficiency. In the absence of music, I use the stitches to "spin" it all together.

Did I mention Snow? At 70 years of age I am quite willing to lie down on the floor to see what she would do. Snow and I:

In Waiting Woman III the quiet domestic moment is enhanced by a comfy sofa and cushion, a pet cat, fruit and a vase with roses. I brought in a little humor by repeating the three red apples in framed wall pictures.

The stitch cartoons will continue for a while, but soon I will need to do some loose paintings to relax my hand. There is a calendar available with 12 of the best stitch cartoons.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Waiting Woman 1

As with the rabbit paintings before, I am trying to instill some serious content into my paintings. The idea took me back to works I have done as early as 2001. This time, though, I used the stitch cartoon style and tried to convey a message through them.

At a solo exhibition I had in 2001, a few women gathered to discuss the idea of "waiting women". Yes, women are often waiting for someone to come home, for the school to break up, the cake to come out of the oven, morning to arrive, and so many seconds are ticking by! Dressing plays a role, because we just dress up, put flowers in vases, clean up and open curtains, to repeat the process the next day and the next.
"Waiting Woman 1" stitch cartoon by South African artist Marie Theron.
Acrylic on canvas on board.
USD $40 or  ZAR R300 unframed, plus shipping, 

In this composition of a seated lady, I have used a lot of horizontals and verticals to create some tension and anticipation. She is neatly framed by the night-time window. Someone must arrive soon! Does the bunny's ears show that he is listening too?

Cards and throw pillows of this image are available on RedBubble

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Airedale Terriers in my Art

In 2013 I met Raffi, with the breeders name of Gypsy Gold. I met her in photographs, but soon felt that I knew her, especially after I started her painting in oils.

And then, when I started painting stitch cartoons this year, I was commissioned to do a few more paintings. I had lessons in what they looked like: airedales always have wide-open eyes, because they are so ready for the next event in their lives. They have a rich tan colour and a prominent black area in the shape of a saddle that circles the neck and the body and covers the back!

Raffi,. Portrait in oil, by South African Artist Marie Theron
50cm x 60cm Commissions welcome.

Raffi welcomes a new friend at the rescue facility.
 "LIKE" the page of Airedale South Africa Rescue.
It was night when I started Raffi's portrait, but I could not wait!
50cm x 60cm

Love, care and friendship at the rescue facility
Colour, happiness, cosy blankets and airedale terriers.
 One of my "personalized stitch cartoons"
20cm x 20cm

Sofas are for airedale terriers!

Join the Airedale South African Rescue Page on Facebook.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Stitch Cartoons: One-of-a-Kind Personalized Paintings by Artist Marie Theron

I believe in sketching. I will sketch what I see in front of me, but often I will draw in an automatic way without thinking. Out of doodles like that, new ideas are often born. And so, for the last month I have been doing stitch cartoons. These are somewhat related to sketching the little wooden artists mannikin. So my models are faceless and has the same proportions always. These works were also born out of American Tole in which I gave lessons during the 1990's.

Stitch Cartoon personalized for a lady who devotes her life to the rescue and care of
Bouvier and Airedale dogs. Some of the darlings she would not even put up for adoption
and I showed her with 5 Bouviers. This is the first of  a set of  4 as part of a commission.
To have your own stitch cartoon made is easy. Contact me on the e-mail given on this blog. Tell me about your hair color, favorite clothing, hobbies, pets and likes and send one or two photos. I do not do a portrait but  I will summarize in paint what makes you "you". The cost is 75 USD plus 20USD for shipping from Durban, South Africa. Or ZAR 550 plus R25 postage. If South Africans prefer a courier service, the delivery cost is R62.50. Medium and size: Paint and ink on wrapped canvas 8 x 8 (20cm x 20cm)

Personalized stitch cartoon for a South African author and illustrator
who loves antiques and very large jewelry. The proteas on the wallpaper is a reference
 to her home near a Cape Town mountain and the boots relate to her first career as a shoe designer.
One-of-a-kind personalized stitch cartoon (in the shape of a garden angel)  for an American lady who
loves Yorkies and gardens, angels, red barns and flags, long colorful skirts and long earrings!
 It was a most enjoyable commission

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Some Rabbit Sketches

Just pencil and paper. I love this plain medium, and I feel that one can reach some emotion, some underlying concept by simple means. Here are a few sketches on the rabbit theme. All three have something that is not easy to define.
Mother Snowball SOLD


Vanilla in the Brambles AVAILABLE

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Too Precious Little Rabbit Teaset

Some time ago a collection of toys went on show. That was the Buckingham Palace exhibition called "Royal Childhood". Nothing could be more delightful that the tiny pink tea set with all the pieces in the shape of rabbits! If such a mold for the porcelain could still exist or could be copied, I am sure not children, but grown-up collectors would love a set like that. And now that I think about it, I wonder if there were others girls at the time who had a set and looked so well after it?

Pink rabbit Tea Pot by Marie Theron. ZAR 650 or $65 plus shipping

Here is my painting of the "I'm a little teapot"-rabbit. In the background I painted my interpretation of William Morris Larkspur wallpaper 1872, which makes the background much older than the tea pot which must be from the 1920's. Until about the 50's there were pink cups like that in everyone's kitchen. Who can remember this color? The design was painted in gouache and ink pens. The teapot is in oils. All on cartridge paper, mounted and shrink-wrapped for easy gifting.

I love this photo which shows off the scale of the miniatures
For more images and news, visit

Monday, July 21, 2014

Twins in a Tulip World

"In his lecture, Some Hints on Pattern Designing, 1881, he (William Morris) traced the history of repeating patterns from ancient and classical times to the Gothic period in which a significant change in pattern structure took place,  marked by what he called ,the universal acceptance of continuous growth. Morris mostly used a diagonal or a network of diamond shapes to base the patterns on. From: " William Morris Designs and Patterns by Norah Gillow. "

Twins in a Tulip World  by South African Artist Marie Theron 2014
USA: $59 plus $16 shipping (airmail, fast)
SA: R 630 plus R22 normal posting

Here today, is an image for the lovers of pink. The baby twin rabbits looks snug against antique pink and antique blue. The original pattern was Wm M : Tulip Chintz, hardly recognisable here where I  brought the soft blue into the design.

I am hoping to reach number 25 of the William Morris rabbits. The new packaging cost me quite a bit, but I am very pleased to be able to present my work like that. The paintings are protected until the buyer is ready to frame them behind glass.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The West Coast and I

Ten years ago we moved to the West Coast to live close to the ocean. How close? Friends who have seen photos of my home, will know! The photos in this post were taken 80  meters from where I live by friend and photographer Mary Ann Bosch, who absolutely loves the West Coast too. 

In May last year, I lost my husband and  although I bravely declared that I would remain here forever, I slowly started to identify my new role. So I am making a shift to warm Natal where we have lived before, and where my twin granddaughters are.   I will not make any move in haste. I was never a person to be hurried along, but yes, I am gradually taking leave and getting new plans together. I keep a wide space in my heart for the West Coast and for the lovely memories we have collected.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Playing with Rabbits and Depth

I was pleased to realize that the bunnies have become a part of me when a friend wrote: "somehow they are so you"! We had better watch my facial features, as I may begin to resemble The March Hare or some such character!

Both the blue Wm Morris rabbits from my last blog have sold, and I know I must do every other background blue. Blue is so like Delft and very popular.But for the moment, I have made another rabbit displayed against William Morris's Trellis Wallpaper design. This was a working drawing for a design and he was trying different backgrounds behind the trellis. I decided to paint both the rust colour and the beige background and to fill the whole design with black or white ink patterns.

I then placed the rabbit so that it seems to sit on a vertical piece of fencing and to chat to the wallpaper bird. A 3-D rabbit and a flat 2-D bird. A 3-D rabbit sitting on a flat piece of trellis!

Somebunny is Confused. Available artwork

What fun to play like that! And from that I got the name for the painting: "Somebunny is Confused!"

Monday, June 23, 2014

More Acanthus Blue Rabbits

Talented William Morris was truly a king of design. In the 1880's William Morris was trying to furnish and complete "Red House", a home built especially for him. Unable to find what he wanted in the age of mass production and factories, Morris and some friends started Morris and Co. This was the rebirth of the artist-craftsman, who designed and carried out the work. Even when Morris used craftsmen to make his staircases, textiles, etc, he insisted on mastering all the techniques himself.

I am so lucky. 24 years ago I discovered Cape Town and was very fond of St Georges Mall. There, on a table on a sidewalk, I bought the large book: "William Morris Designs and Patterns" by Norah Gillow. I page through it daily and also do my rough copies of the wallpaper and tile patterns to use as backgrounds for my latest series of rabbits Here are two more inspired by the acanthus design: 
Acanthus Blue Rabbit no 2
The background was painted in gouache and ink
and the furry bunny in water-soluble oils

Acanthus Blue Rabbit no 3
I am an excessive doodler, it is also thinking time,
so here I almost could not stop
The background was painted in gouache and ink
and the furry bunny in water-soluble oils

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

William Morris Inspiration

When I started sketching and experimenting, the outcome I liked best was the black and white rabbits with William Morris backgrounds. I have developed the idea into coloured paintings, they are quite delightful and I have sold 5 out of the first 6, with extra orders for duplicates.

I use card and first hand-copy the William Morris wallpaper design onto it, using Designer's Gouache paint and a small brush. This type of paint dries smoothly.

The next step is decorating and enhancing the painted shapes with white and black ink markers. I can do this step while sitting up in bed!

The rabbit is then painted in water-soluble oil paint. I give it a week to dry and then have a mount put around it. Contact me by e-mail if you want to order my William Morris rabbits. I will show more designs next time.

Blue Acanthus Rabbit   The original shown here has been sold,
 but I make duplicates, and no two will ever be exactly the same.
R500 plus R50 p&p  OR  $50 plus $10 p& p

Rabbits breeding in my studio!

"Lola in the Brambles"   The original shown here has been sold,
 but I make duplicates, and no two will ever be exactly the same.
R500 plus R50 p&p   OR  $50 plus $10 p& p

The person who bought this image sent me the photo where it sits on a shelf of Blue Delft ware
 so I have named it the Blue Delft Rabbit.  The original shown here has been sold,
 but I make duplicates, and no two will ever be exactly the same.
R500 plus R50 p&p  OR  $50 plus $10 p&p
All images are mounted for presentation and safety
while being shipped. 
You just add glass and a frame.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Miniatures Group Exhibition

I was invited to take part in an exhibition of miniature paintings, each work only slightly larger than a credit card. The exhibition will take place at the popular Long Street Art Lovers 1932 in Waterkloof, Pretoria, This place is usually brimful of people on opening nights, often spilling over onto the sidewalks. This will be the 3rd year that Art Lovers 1932 presents the annual miniature exhibition. Last year the gallery had 97 participating artists and over 300 art works,and yes, it will be bigger and more popular this year.

And my guess work: tiny original versions of some of my rabbit paintings. If you are able to, attend the opening on 22nd May 2014 from 6pm onwards.