Friday, January 24, 2014

Six Girl Rabbits, Whoa!

What was Snowball dreaming of when she rested under that lovely pink duvet? Mmmmm, and then came Peter! They decided to be a Mom and Dad and were given a pretty pebbled garden all of their own, quite far from Benjamin. Because Peter and Benjamin might have been playing sometimes, but to us humans it looked like ferocious fighting.

So here, in their own place I observed the wonderful , soft , round little bunnies.There were six, and the vet said that they were all girls! 

This is Vanilla:
"Vanilla" 6x6 Oil on wrapped canvas . By South African Artist Marie Theron.

Remember when I painted them in watercolours before? This is a re-post of the painting:

Rabbits in watercolour, 18" x 12" (2011) by South African Artist Marie Theron

You may like some photos too. This is Snowball, who is often invited inside:

Snowball, Mom of six daughter rabbits.

And here she is having a meal with three of her six daughter rabbits:

Vanilla, Mom Snowball, Dad Peter and Sprinkles
Rabbits are so soft they can sit very tight! I thought at first glance that there were three in this photo, but there are four. We should never say one bunny is the prettiest, but isn't Vanilla (on the left) just too lovely for words?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Post # 200 and The Benjamin Files

I am not a daily blogger, but here I am at # 200 at last, having started in 2009.

Benjamin (1) 9x12 Oil on Canvas. Part of The Benjamin Files
by artist Marie Theron

So far I have just not been able to get myself on the road to do some travelling. I am hesitant of the memories, of course. But I am sure that as there is nothing wrong with me or my driving ability, the day will come when I comb the West Coast for more stories. There were no new commissions for here is a theme I have been longing to develop: Rabbits!

I call my new material "The Benjamin Files", as it was the lovely form of the magnificent large velvet black French pet rabbit, Benjamin, that was my inspiration.  I first saw Benjamin, when he became the "guard on the top step" in my daughter's home.

He looks gigantic, does he not? It is because he is rather big, but also due to the colours and the scale of the forms around him. Light blue is a receding colour, which usually makes landscapes look deep and eternal.

Benjamin (2) 9x12 Oil on Canvas. Part of The Benjamin Files
by artist Marie Theron
Now, it is not difficult to see that Benjamin is definitely planning something! He thinks that he would like to visit the pretty little yard where Peter and Snowball lives with their six bunny daughters. Forget it Benjamin, Peter will not let you in !

Benjamin (3) 9x12 Oil on Canvas. Part of The Benjamin Files
by artist Marie Theron

So, Benjamin thinks of all the lovely places in the house and garden that belongs to him. He is ready to go! First to the playroom where the girls may be persuaded to let him watch Animal Planet. And when the day is cooled down, they can all go to the large front garden to play outside!

Just a mention: the rabbits appeared in a blog post in a watercolour painting after we went to babysit the pets in October 2011.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Wonderful Challenges

800mm x 800mm oil on canvas by Marie Theron
 I love commissions! Unexpected requests have taken me into the most interesting places. And so I have done large wall paintings and delicate botanical drawings where every part of a plant and all angles had to be measured. I have painted a book cover and done illustrations for another book. You will also remember the post a few months ago where I painted the hair of two teenagers, a very enjoyable commission.

In November 2013 a "dream client" visited my studio. She bought the Velddrif painting from two posts ago and commissioned the four seagull paintings which I showed in the last post. And then she also commissioned a large copy of a painting I had in my home.

Getting started on the barrels painting.

I took this photo halfway through the process.
The older, smaller painting hangs in the background.
With commissions, you never know what the next challenge will be. We are halfway through January and I am working on some small pieces, being wide awake and keenly looking out for the next interesting project that comes my way.