Sunday, September 21, 2014

Airedale Terriers in my Art

In 2013 I met Raffi, with the breeders name of Gypsy Gold. I met her in photographs, but soon felt that I knew her, especially after I started her painting in oils.

And then, when I started painting stitch cartoons this year, I was commissioned to do a few more paintings. I had lessons in what they looked like: airedales always have wide-open eyes, because they are so ready for the next event in their lives. They have a rich tan colour and a prominent black area in the shape of a saddle that circles the neck and the body and covers the back!

Raffi,. Portrait in oil, by South African Artist Marie Theron
50cm x 60cm Commissions welcome.

Raffi welcomes a new friend at the rescue facility.
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It was night when I started Raffi's portrait, but I could not wait!
50cm x 60cm

Love, care and friendship at the rescue facility
Colour, happiness, cosy blankets and airedale terriers.
 One of my "personalized stitch cartoons"
20cm x 20cm

Sofas are for airedale terriers!

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