Monday, August 19, 2013

Low Tide in Zanzibar

"Kelp Gathering" by Artists of Africa Artist Marie Theron
508mm x 508mm oil on cotton wrapped canvas
$US 489
Continuing my African paintings: Do you know the West Coast where I stay? Low tide, even while being called "low" is still a dangerous phenomenon and the water will throw you onto the rocks, should you dare to enter the sea. I love my noisy home, where nights are never quiet and the large waves can be heard day and night. Of course, travelling can be so refreshing, and we were thrilled with the low, low tide at Zanzibar. You can wade in for miles to sit in the water, find a dhow, chat to locals and scrunch up your eyes because the light is so blindingly bright.

Here we observed the activity of seaweed harvesting by the Masaai women. By driving sticks into the low areas of the sea, traps are formed where the seaweed can easily be collected. Bucketfuls of the green stuff are then taken to the beach to be hung out to dry. Dry seaweed is exported to China where it is boiled into soap and shampoo.

In my painting "Kelp Harvesting", I have tried to show the endless stretch of low tide, and the blinding light that etches out the figures of workers. I did not take enough photos while I was there, but I treasure these few photos and hope you like them too. They really portray the exact mood on that tranquil island.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Island Children

I am still taking my West Coast followers on a journey into deeper Africa! Our exhibition was popular and we were requested to leave our paintings behind as some of them may be used in other shows as time goes by. Of course, the public can still purchase a painting from the website. At the end of this post, I will also give the You Tube link to the opening night.

These children lived in a cute cottage on Zanzibar island bordered by tall fruit trees on one side and a spice farm on the other side. I really loved the 'make-do' appearance of the little home. Where there is clean washing, there is a normally functioning family. Kids in Zanzibar wear modern clothes, but their mothers and older sisters will always be seen in the attractive bright kangas. I noticed a washing line deeper into the shadows where a couple of these colourful pieces were drying away from the harsh sun.

They are playing here as kids do everywhere, the older one definitely the leader! Young brother is watching her closely to find out what game she would devise for them. Later at supper I will bet that the food would be flavourful and spicy and will be followed with lots of wonderful fruit, which is so plentiful here. Some of my paintings are almost large illustrations, as I try to tell a story of the daily lives of people in Africa.

The girl in pencil:

Bright kangas provide camouflage to the lady on the right:

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