Tuesday, March 26, 2013

And then one day...............

And then one day, illness entered our home and everything changed. This was a painting I started in December when daughter Helen and our youngest grandchild arrived from the States to visit her father. She had a long stay and a week ago arrived back here at the West Coast for another visit. We decided to upload the sketch as it is, and make time later to do the painting. The sketch symbolises all the visitors coming through the gate.

We were so fortunate this last weekend when we had all four children together. How they cheered and helped and cooked and were so very supportive. Two of the grandchildren were

here too, and we took a quick photograph. As far as my husband, Philip's health is concerned, we remain hopeful and prayerful and trust him to choose his course of treatment.

I love my blog, I love my blog followers! I notice that some friends check up almost daily to see whether there is a new post or at least word of what has happened to me. So this is where I am, friends, nursing the wonderful man I have known for 50 years.