Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Gallery Opens in Hopefield

A lovely time was had by all when Pêrels & Pampoene Kunsgalery / Art Gallery opened in the little town of Hopefield. Hopefield is inland from Velddrif and one of our famed West Coast "towns-without-the ocean". There is a wonderful trend establishing itself in South Africa, as local as well as overseas visitors discover our small towns. I hope everyone in the country will take the opportunity to visit this town and gallery.I will do some paintings for the next blog, just to show some of the sights in that area.

Here are some photos of the delightful opening night. The second photo is of me and Gretha Helberg, the dynamic young gallery owner. The first and third photos are of me and my paintings. The rest: interiors and exterior of the building.

And I also had the honour of making the first sale, a canvas print of one of my works plus an order for more of those.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Facts of Flight #3 , Velddrif

This painting is the third in a 3-part series of seagulls in flight with a West Coast setting. You can see how the set looks together as it dries in the shade. These were commisioned works for a new West Coast gallery "Pêrels & Pampoene Kunsgalery / Art Gallery" in the town of Hopefield. I was happy when the gallery owner chose 10 more paintings to hang for opening night.

Velddrif lies on the beautiful blue Berg River. It is one of my sites to visit repeatedly for inspiration. Those old and unsteady jetties, the gulls and the boats are all part of a rejuvenating scene. You can see me relaxing there on one of the jetties, drinking in the ambience of an unspoilt area!