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Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Long Relationship with the Painting of Flowers

Lecturing my course Flowers in Watercolour at Rust en Vrede, Durbanville (1990's)

In the last blog post, I showed some recent rose paintings that I have done. But at 71 years of age themes come round and round again. So today, I will  revisit the past to show more roses and other flowers I have done.

During the years 1991 to 1999, I taught a course in Flowers in Watercolour. I taught this in Wynberg, at Constantia, at the Parow Sport Centre and at Bellville Art Centre and Rust en Vrede, Durbanville and I also toured to Vredendal, Rustenburg and Durban teaching courses. When my old computer gave in and I lost my data base, there were already over 500 people who had received my tuition in watercolours and various crafts. Among my students there were 7 doctors/ dentists, a boy who afterwards had a long career as a South African rugby captain, the wife of a famous national rugby figure, a Miss South Africa runner-up and many entertaining and interesting students. 

Something I was very pleased with was the commission to design sunflower gift wrap and other products for a well known company. I also did cards for them.

A very good  and popular Afrikaans book "Aromaterapie" published by Van Schaiks, had me and my sister in collaboration. It was her academic nature and thorough knowledge and my watercolour paintings which made it a sought-after book during the heyday of aromatherapy.

I had a great disappointment when my book-to-be on watercolour was shelved due to government restrictions,,,it was a year reserved for the printing of school textbooks only.

These were some tidbits...the wind blows and one's personal history becomes insignificant and forgotten!  Next time I will show what I did with poppies, and how that actually led me away from watercolours in the end.

An illustration featuring roses from "AROMATERAPIE" by Maxie Cloete (1990's)
Sunflower gift wrap and products for Clifton Cards (1990's)

Large protea painting for my late husband's 50th birthday (1993)

Painting  Flowers in Durbanville (1990's)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Week of Roses

I love roses in winter, and they seem to like the season too, charming us with a long slow opening from bud to full bloom. I will allow the photos to tell the story of my rose painting adventures:

Some of these paintings are available! I invite you to visit my website  (link at the bottom of the page) and do remember that I take commissions if you need a special size painting or different colour roses. Shipping worldwide.

Five White Roses 9" x 12"

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Roses in an Antique Teapot painted in the Zorn Palette

Madcap me has reached an age where things come by more than once! Fashions, oh yes! And young people listen to songs from "our" era! And now, having painted flowers in oils 35 years ago, I suddenly saw these incredible roses and had to start painting them again! I will show an old painting of mine at the end of this post!

Here is my latest work (sold on Facebook). I tried the colour palette used by Anders Zorn and which also gets a friendly nod from Richard Schmid and is demonstrated and explained by Westerberg Fine Art. The colours are Yellow Ochre, Cadmium Red and Ivory Black with the addition of White. All went well with my still life and even the grey I made with the two neutral colours appeared like the  blue of the teapot. The most difficult part was to paint foliage. I used a reddish brown made with the red, yellow ochre and black to shade yellow ochre leaves.

Roses in an Antique Teapot by South African Artist Marie Theron
500mm x 400mm Oil on Canvas

I promised to show a painting I did in 1989, half a lifetime ago. This was painted when I lived in Durban and had lots of hibiscus in my garden.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Painting the South African Veld

The abstract trees were one of my most enjoyable projects ever. But as I have been a landscape painter for most of my life, rendering one west coast scene after another, I decided to return to landscape. Plain air painting would be wonderful, but being past the stage where I can freely wander, I decided to work from all the images I have taken in bush veld. I also decided that although I would use my favourite purple liberally, I would try to copy the real colours of the South African veld.

Have you ever driven along hardly accessible little inroads? Have heard felt the dry saplings of many trees scratching your vehicle? I hope these paintings will recreate that particular sensation.

Greet the Morning

A Bright New Morning

Take me There

The Wild Yellow Orchids

A Sunny Winter's Afternoon at Kloof
(with Charlotte, the Cream Donkey)

Rocky Road at Tala

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Abstract Tree Paintings by South African Impressionist Artist Marie Theron

The palette knife, that I do not often use, played a great role in my abstracts as I slashed out the verticals of the forest with black paint. The black network provided the ideal shapes for filling in. First I used lots of skins of dry acrylic paint, pulled from paper palettes. I cut the recyclable paint with sharp scissors and used the palette knife to cover the backs with white or cerulean blue/white mix, then stuck them onto the canvas. All shapes were then blended into the painting with more paint until I have created the atmosphere that I wanted to portray, the atmosphere of a kind forest providing health and shelter and peace to men and animals.

"Forest Glade"
460mm x 350mm
18" x 14"
US$ 245

To view or buy: go HERE

"Secrets of the Forest"
300mm x 300mm
12" x 12"
Acrylic and Acrylic Collage on Canvas
US$ 163
R 1500

To view or buy, click HERE


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