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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Moment" by South African Figurative Artist Marie Theron

Although I admire simplicity in art, and those cool detached figures, I find that as soon as I start planning a new painting, a strong narrative comes through. Here, in a sunny garden with a glimpse of the ocean, a boy and his Mom has a sweet moment together.

8' x 8'  (200mm x 200mm)
Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
(sides were left white)

US$ 163
(R 1667)

To View or Buy

Sunday, November 9, 2014

New Figurative Work by South African Artist Marie Theron

I have rediscovered my love for figurative art, and I do think that the stitch cartoons was only a stepping stone for me. They are fun and I still do them on request. I spend a lot of time on each painting to get the exact mood. I hope you like them! Here are 4 paintings that I have done recently, with links to buying or viewing or for looking at my CV.

In the Cool of the Day
Original Painting by South African Figurative Artist Marie Theron

 6' x 8' Acrylic on Canvas
150mm x 210mm

US$ 163
View or Purchase HERE

Equestrienne in White 
Original Painting by South African Figurative Artist Marie Theron

6' X 8'
150mm x 210mm
US$ 163 SOLD
View  HERE

The Yellow Guitar 
Original Painting by South African Figurative Artist Marie Theron

Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
10' x 10' 
250mm x 250mm
US$ 204

To get a sense of the scale of the painting,
read about my art career,
and view or buy,
click HERE

Moms and Tods in the Tea Garden. 
Original Painting by South African Figurative Artist Marie Theron

10" X 10" Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas
250mm x 250mm
US$ 204

visit this link to view or buy
to read more about me, 
and to see the scale of this painting.

You can also see a selection of my figurative work on Facebook

Friday, October 31, 2014

A Special Stitch Cartoon for an Artist

This was such a fun assignment. I usually draw directly onto my canvas, but then I received the list of animals (and a parrot) to be included in this commissioned biographical stitch cartoon, plus the artist's favourite outfits and symbols and colours! I just had to make a few drawings first. The artist is Valencia van Zyl. Her amazing style is something that I cannot even imitate (some have tried, but it lacks her special quality). The outcome of this painting was that both she and I were happy with it in the end.

Here are a few more of my stitch cartoons:

The warm colours, the pets, the cosy dark sofas and curtains, all create a sense of welcome and homeliness. The scenes are "stitched" together, stitches  being a symbol of domesticity. The ladies are faceless to emphasize the body language. There is a feeling of patience and anticipation in the waiting figures.

There is a calendar available with 12 of the best stitch cartoons. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Waiting Woman II,Snow and I and Waiting Woman III

It is night-time and the ladies are waiting up!

In Waiting Woman II a homely note is introduced by a relaxed pose with T-shirt, denim skirt and sandals, and the very warm-coloured interior. Our pet rabbit, Snow, who has featured in my paintings before, posed for the bunnies. The clean white look emphasizes domestic efficiency. In the absence of music, I use the stitches to "spin" it all together.

Did I mention Snow? At 70 years of age I am quite willing to lie down on the floor to see what she would do. Snow and I:

In Waiting Woman III the quiet domestic moment is enhanced by a comfy sofa and cushion, a pet cat, fruit and a vase with roses. I brought in a little humor by repeating the three red apples in framed wall pictures.

The stitch cartoons will continue for a while, but soon I will need to do some loose paintings to relax my hand. There is a calendar available with 12 of the best stitch cartoons.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Waiting Woman 1

As with the rabbit paintings before, I am trying to instill some serious content into my paintings. The idea took me back to works I have done as early as 2001. This time, though, I used the stitch cartoon style and tried to convey a message through them.

At a solo exhibition I had in 2001, a few women gathered to discuss the idea of "waiting women". Yes, women are often waiting for someone to come home, for the school to break up, the cake to come out of the oven, morning to arrive, and so many seconds are ticking by! Dressing plays a role, because we just dress up, put flowers in vases, clean up and open curtains, to repeat the process the next day and the next.
"Waiting Woman 1" stitch cartoon by South African artist Marie Theron.
Acrylic on canvas on board.
USD $40 or  ZAR R300 unframed, plus shipping, 

In this composition of a seated lady, I have used a lot of horizontals and verticals to create some tension and anticipation. She is neatly framed by the night-time window. Someone must arrive soon! Does the bunny's ears show that he is listening too?

Cards and throw pillows of this image are available on RedBubble

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