Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Small Things

Guest Artist #2 Lurina Fourie

"For the person for whom small things do not exist, the great is not great" - Jose Ortega y Gasset" This short quote sums up what we are trying to convey with today's post.

I am truly swamped with work and fiercely working for two or three exhibitions which do not have the West Coast theme. But while I am otherwise occupied, there are many talented artists and photographers to keep my blog up and running and I love searching them out and inviting them!

Lurina Fourie of Lurina Fourie Professional Photography Services, also lives in Velddrif on the Berg River. Lurina zooms in on the amazing detail one finds on the beach and river bank. It was difficult to choose just a few of her photos for this post!

Bluebottles in their true colours...Lurina admired the rim
that looked like embroidery stitching

Everybody loves sea anemone shells, but what a find
 was this with hundreds of them stranded after red tide

A moment only the very patient beach dweller will see:
 Spring flowers, the ocean and a pink heart in the clouds

A wave after red tide, magnificent in its anger and beauty !

An injured young cormorant at Laaiplek, shouting at the curious photographer. Lurina
was happy when he was restored to health and flew off

Millions of tiny jewel-like stones form our West Coast
 sand,  how inviting is this sunny image. I can feel that peace

Beautifully captured, I could not resist this photo that says so much about our beaches
where there is space and you can really breathe

Thank you Lurina! Unforgettable work! Please click on her images enlarge.