Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hibiscus Flowers, Then and Now

In the 1990's I lectured a course "Flowers in Watercolour". I loved it and tried to make a painting a day. After we moved to the West Coast , a new interest developed, this unique area where I lived.  200 posts of paintings and stories that cover our stretch of coast.
And then one day...a person moves on or in my case: moves back! I am back with my first love of 25 years ago, namely flowers. In this post I look back at some of my hibiscus paintings. I will show a recent one first, and then visit the archives!

Fleeting Moments Hibiscus 2016
500mm x 400mm
Oil on canvas

700mm x 600mm
Acrylic on canvas board

This painting was made in the 80's and I now wish that I have kept it for myself.

Watercolour Hibiscus 1998
400 mm x 500mm
I have just noticed that I have always painted the pink hibiscus, which is my favourite. In future I will look out for some of the other colours. Here is a medley of photos from my collection:

This year, I have been thoroughly spoiled by my children in Texas, who invited me to spend three months in that lovely hot climate! In my next blog I will tell about the great opportunity that came my way: flower painting with Nancy Medina, my friend on the blogs and social media for a long time.


  1. I also follow Nancy Medina - you were most blessed to spend time with her.

  2. Hi Renee! Yes, that visit to attend Nancy's workshop was a high point of my year!


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