Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Painting Nasturtiums


I continue my series of posts on painting flowers, by looking at nasturtiums, showing older works as well as recent work. One can have these tiny bright flowers available at various times of the year and they grow most easily from seeds. Where I live in a nature reserve, they can easily take over the natural habitat, so I do not plant them, but go out to collect some from friends or in places where they grow wild.

In this post I show paintings done over the past few years. You will notice that I paint with the flowers close by to inspire me. One thing that I love to do, is work with 3 or 4 paintings to create sets.
A medley of small nasturtium paintings

A set like this can fill a colourless corner with light and brightness.
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This is my latest nasturtium painting.

By using the blues in the background, the bright colours of the leaves,
 petals and buds are emphasized.
It also provides a clean contrast for the little Delft vase.

Hello New Year Nasturtiums
by Marie Theron
150mm x 210mm
5" x 8"
It is important to do sketches of your subject and to learn the parts of the flowers.

Where I sit at the moment, I look upon a wonderful large bush filled with hibiscus flowers. In my next post I will show new as well as past work on the subject of hibiscus.


  1. A difficult subject and you've accomplished it beautifully Marie!

    1. Oh, thank YOU, Maree! I appreciate your comment!


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