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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Waiting Woman 1

As with the rabbit paintings before, I am trying to instill some serious content into my paintings. The idea took me back to works I have done as early as 2001. This time, though, I used the stitch cartoon style and tried to convey a message through them.

At a solo exhibition I had in 2001, a few women gathered to discuss the idea of "waiting women". Yes, women are often waiting for someone to come home, for the school to break up, the cake to come out of the oven, morning to arrive, and so many seconds are ticking by! Dressing plays a role, because we just dress up, put flowers in vases, clean up and open curtains, to repeat the process the next day and the next.
"Waiting Woman 1" stitch cartoon by South African artist Marie Theron.
Acrylic on canvas on board.
USD $40 or  ZAR R300 unframed, plus shipping, 

In this composition of a seated lady, I have used a lot of horizontals and verticals to create some tension and anticipation. She is neatly framed by the night-time window. Someone must arrive soon! Does the bunny's ears show that he is listening too?

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