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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Waiting Woman II,Snow and I and Waiting Woman III

It is night-time and the ladies are waiting up!

In Waiting Woman II a homely note is introduced by a relaxed pose with T-shirt, denim skirt and sandals, and the very warm-coloured interior. Our pet rabbit, Snow, who has featured in my paintings before, posed for the bunnies. The clean white look emphasizes domestic efficiency. In the absence of music, I use the stitches to "spin" it all together.

Did I mention Snow? At 70 years of age I am quite willing to lie down on the floor to see what she would do. Snow and I:

In Waiting Woman III the quiet domestic moment is enhanced by a comfy sofa and cushion, a pet cat, fruit and a vase with roses. I brought in a little humor by repeating the three red apples in framed wall pictures.

The stitch cartoons will continue for a while, but soon I will need to do some loose paintings to relax my hand. There is a calendar available with 12 of the best stitch cartoons.

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