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Friday, January 24, 2014

Six Girl Rabbits, Whoa!

What was Snowball dreaming of when she rested under that lovely pink duvet? Mmmmm, and then came Peter! They decided to be a Mom and Dad and were given a pretty pebbled garden all of their own, quite far from Benjamin. Because Peter and Benjamin might have been playing sometimes, but to us humans it looked like ferocious fighting.

So here, in their own place I observed the wonderful , soft , round little bunnies.There were six, and the vet said that they were all girls! 

This is Vanilla:
"Vanilla" 6x6 Oil on wrapped canvas . By South African Artist Marie Theron.

Remember when I painted them in watercolours before? This is a re-post of the painting:

Rabbits in watercolour, 18" x 12" (2011) by South African Artist Marie Theron

You may like some photos too. This is Snowball, who is often invited inside:

Snowball, Mom of six daughter rabbits.

And here she is having a meal with three of her six daughter rabbits:

Vanilla, Mom Snowball, Dad Peter and Sprinkles
Rabbits are so soft they can sit very tight! I thought at first glance that there were three in this photo, but there are four. We should never say one bunny is the prettiest, but isn't Vanilla (on the left) just too lovely for words?


  1. Your rabbits are lovely, I enjoyed reading about Benjamin rabbit in your last post. We have a house rabbit called Bruce who is such a character. Looking forward to more bun stories and paintings.

    1. How nice Caroline, pleased to meet you on my blog! Bruce sounds like fun. I like those masculine names for rabbits!

  2. loving the rabbit theme, the rabbit stories and the real rabbits. They make great pets.

    1. Thank you, Mary! Yes I am truly enjoying this pursuit of bunnies to paint!

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