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Monday, July 21, 2014

Twins in a Tulip World

"In his lecture, Some Hints on Pattern Designing, 1881, he (William Morris) traced the history of repeating patterns from ancient and classical times to the Gothic period in which a significant change in pattern structure took place,  marked by what he called ,the universal acceptance of continuous growth. Morris mostly used a diagonal or a network of diamond shapes to base the patterns on. From: " William Morris Designs and Patterns by Norah Gillow. "

Twins in a Tulip World  by South African Artist Marie Theron 2014
USA: $59 plus $16 shipping (airmail, fast)
SA: R 630 plus R22 normal posting

Here today, is an image for the lovers of pink. The baby twin rabbits looks snug against antique pink and antique blue. The original pattern was Wm M : Tulip Chintz, hardly recognisable here where I  brought the soft blue into the design.

I am hoping to reach number 25 of the William Morris rabbits. The new packaging cost me quite a bit, but I am very pleased to be able to present my work like that. The paintings are protected until the buyer is ready to frame them behind glass.

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