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Friday, December 12, 2014

"Spring Morning" by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

Since I stepped away from the rabbits and stitch cartoons with their formality, I have been leaning towards Impressionism more and more. I am quite settled in the tropical town of Durban. As I found long ago when I lived here, I am almost invigorated by the heat and humidity. Suddenly my palette bursts with colour and vibrance.

To do the particular background effect, I cut shapes from the skins of dry paint which I peeled from my palette. This gave my one grand daughter much joy, because I was "recycling" paint!

"Spring Morning" 
by South African Impressionist Marie Theron

"Spring Morning" 
150mm x 210mm
6" x  8"
ZAR 1417
US$ 139


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