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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where will the road take us?

I suspect that all maps are copyrighted! So even though I am looking at an attractive little map of the West Coast region, I cannot post it here. I do have a longish canvas, though, and maybe I should just paint a map as well! The road in my painting is the road between Yzerfontein and Darling. We are still in the season of clouds, not quite winter anymore and not what we would call warm enough to venture out without something warm to wear. The windmill is a well known landmark as it is suddenly visible on the top of a blind rise, complete with its dam and awesome clumps of arum lilies.

In my next blog we will follow this road and beyond to visit the very picturesque Riebeeck Kasteel, where beauty abounds around every corner. It is connected with some very old South African history. I am going to do at least five paintings, and I expect having a difficult time choosing the images as there is so much to experience! You will love Riebeeck Kasteel!


  1. wow!its nise one paintings u paints,i like this type of subject for paintig.well done!

  2. Gorgeous painting Marie! I publish maps on my blogs all the time. Didn't know it could be a problem. But as you say, just paint it, no copyright problems!

  3. Oh, that road....Feel like bursting into song. Take me there, take me there. Again the clouds in the sky are so beautiful. Each of your paintings brings such joy. Thank you, Marie!

  4. Thank you, MacTeddy, Maree and Rupesh. Since posting this work, I have got rid of the hill as it was disturbing the peaceful horizontality of the landscape. I drove that road again today and a moment before this scene the hill was not visible, so I had my excuse to erase it.

  5. Very nice - you have captured the vastness of the open country so well. Would love to see it without the hill as it must be even more so. The scene is so ... I don't know... evocative... the solitary windmill ..., but because of the greenery, somehow not desolate like the lonely Karoo windmills tend to be. Maybe odd to say, but it looks almost like the 'face' of the windmill is looking out over the countryside and enjoying the view, the slight rearward angle, looking like it is kicking back relaxed! Lovely,lovely painting!

  6. I see that you like the windmills too!!

    Great painting with lots of depth and mood!!!


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