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Monday, September 7, 2009


"Nothing in Nature is more beautiful than a wildflower. Every smallest one of them has grown in perfect symmetry" Asteraceae, daisies, gousblomme, whatever you prefer to call them, lead the pack of wildflowers in the Cape Floral Kingdom. Nothing at all is visible during winter. They leave you worrying: will they bloom this year? And then one sunny morning you have a blinding display which continues for about 7 weeks through August and September.

Do you remember the snoek drying on the fence at Kabeljoubank in the cooler months? This scene is also up there.... to the south is Table Mountain, to the west is the ocean. Have you noticed that old fences, wiring and gates that are no longer needed are just left where they are? I love this old gate here. It provides a focal point to the composition.

(quote in the beginning from: Dr Winifred G Wright - Natal, a Rambler's Pocket Guide)


  1. This is really beautiful Marie, and yes, the gates - even though there's no fence, they lure one to enter to see what's on the other side!

  2. Hi there Marie, glad I discovered your blog through, of all things, Nancy Medina's blog! You bring the Weskus so close!

  3. Marie, like everything you paint, this is so elegant and beautiful, you can just feel the breeze blowing. It has been wonderful connecting with you on facebook too my friend from across the miles! I'm glad you and Liz have also "met" - isn't it grand.

  4. Thank you, Maree, Liz and Nancy. The spot is about 100m (or yards)from my home.Our wildflower season is only about 7 weeks long, but very intense and overpowering.

  5. This painting has a nice, airy feel to it. Love the sun.

  6. Hello Marie,
    I love the high horizon on this painting giving the viewer a feeling of looking up from a lower level and drawing the eye into the painting towards the gate so beautifully painted against the sky..thankyou for sharing your art,
    hugs,..Kathy :-)

  7. I love the softness and vibrancy of this painting, Marie! Lovely!


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