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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gathering Rain Clouds

Something we love about the West Coast is that without buildings to obstruct the view, there is a lot of sky! Three mornings ago, I looked out to see what the day would be like. Oh, oh! (to quote my grandchildren.) A bruised-looking sky held the promise of a day full of chilly spells and outpourings. For the first time on this blog, I picked up a large canvas as my usual 9 x 12 format would not be able to tell the story. This is the resulting easel painting. The mass of a neighbour's home in the lower right hand corner anchors the composition.

The Western Cape Biosphere is a Unesco protected area. The natural fynbos are kept in its pristine state. Therefore we do not plant trees, roses or anything that will spread its seeds through the fynbos. As the early morning sun catches a few cloud borders here, the abundant sprays of the wild purple pelargoniums are also highlighted.


  1. What a beautiful depiction Marie. And your words really bring it to life. A really beautiful painting...

  2. I love it. You have captured a true feeling.

  3. Beautiful clouds....beautiful painting. Love the detail such as the breaking of the waves against the rocks, and the pelargoniums caught in the early light.

  4. 'Bruised sky'? that is a zinger! Absolutely love the description! As someone completely ignorant of art and photography, I always tried not to show too much sky when taking a photo, but somehow in this and other paintings, it is such an important part of the image - creating so much space. It really captures how uncluttered / uncrowded the West Coast is - and Grotto Bay. A silly thing I can relate it to is that we have recently been shopping for houses and it is strange how houses with higher ceilings give such a sense of space - even with the same floor square meterage. As a city boy, I had never thought about the fact that not only in the city do houses clutter the landscape, but the skyscrapers and buildings clutter the sky. Really like this painting - your works are like a recharging trip to the country for me - thanks!

  5. So nice to find you visiting again after your move to Sydney, Rodney! You are right about the illusion that can be created with the placing of the horizon in a painting. Also, I have discovered clouds and love painting them.


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