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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rocky Outcrops at Kabeljoubank

We have an unpredictable spring season on the West Coast, today was sunny but cold. On such days I do not drive the 30km to Darling, but find something to paint close to home. Kabeljoubank offered this flower-scattered scene which is not far from where I painted the snoek guy and the old gate on previous occasions. I love to take my visitors here as it is a small distance from my home. Every boy and his dog will always climb the outcrop on the left where you can see the footpath going up.

After the rain the sea will hit these rocks with such force that you can see the massive surge of spray over the top. It did not bode well for passing ships in days of old. This is where The British Peer met its end in 1896. We still pick up rounded red pebbles which are really wellworn pieces of the bricks which were used as ballast on the ship.
In the distance in my painting is the little campsite of Ganzekraal, with a 350yr old name. Here on the fence the snoek are often hanging in their hundreds to dry out. There are wild ostriches living here and the trick is to photograph them when they are standing with Table Mountain in the background. Well, maybe I have done that far too often!


  1. Lovely story Marie, and lovely painting. You are so blessed to have the sea at your doorstep.

  2. I love reading your entries! Beautiful painting, too!

  3. A lovely gentle and soothing painting! Still have my red pebble...and the cherished memory of walking with you to that beautiful spot, with the wind raging and the breakers smashing against the rocks. Enjoy, and please keep sharing with us! The profusion of flowers you depict is awesome, and your historical and present-day comments draw us into your world.

  4. Hi Marie, it so nice to meet you through blogging. I am enjoying your blog, paintings as well as your written words. I will be returning many times. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Maree, Theresa, Maxi, Joan and nice to read all these lovely words on a very cold grey morning. I so enjoyed doing the sky in the above work. This morning it is almost like winter here, very unpleasant, rainy and windy outside, and the sea is charcoal grey. I am going to stand at my studio window and do a painting with 75% sky.

  6. A beautiful painting...and the place is so rich in history. Thanks for sharing.


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