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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Churning Them Out

The idea to paint some of the arum lilies brought to the studio by Karen of Lelieblom, was a good idea and it tends to relax my visitors when they watch me doing it. I was so pleased with all the comments I received after the last blog. Many interesting facts regarding these flowers came forward, especially regarding the edibility. MacTeddy dared me to try a dish made of the young leaves, suggesting that it may taste like baby spinach. Theresa from Geneva had already enjoyed a delicious dish in Japan where the stalks were used, and in Texas, 'rianreyneke' can buy a spicy filled leaf, a sort of wrap!

Arum lilies are standing thick along our roads. On a cold day like today when all the other flowers in the Cape Floral Kingdom close up, arums still stand in glorious display. The most beautiful scene year after year is seeing black/white cows lying down on top of large patches of lilies, always on a spot where it will be dangerous to stop the car for a photo!!!! After learning of the medicinal use of the flowers, I begin to suspect that cows by instinct do something good for their bodies. "I say, Daisy, shall we take The Cure this year?"

I forgot to tell you that the preferred name among Afrikaans people is the lovely-sounding 'aronskelke'. Maree mentioned in the comments that she used to have a black arum lily in her garden, and sometimes I have come across a rather sharp yellow example. I wonder, did nature produce them, like the creamy white ones here in our fields, or was man in an experimental mood?


  1. What a lovely way to spend the day, churning them out with potential customers watching! And they look exquisite Marie.

    See some Zantedeschia 'Schwarzwalder' here :

    Seems they're going for about R265.00. Also found this on the net :

    "Luckily, due to its ease of cultivation and its awesome beauty, horticulturists have been creating cultivars by hybridizing the true species within this genus."

  2. Maree, you are so studious! (hope that is the right term for it). Thank you for contributing all these interesting facts. Once again, I do not know how you garden, paint, run several blogs, creating, creating, creating, be granny, etc!

  3. As long as it's a passion, it's easy Marie. As soon as one tires of it, time to cut down.


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