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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Showtime in Darling

It is the month of September and visitors from all over descend on the surprisingly small but so significant town of Darling. In my attic gallery I have sold paintings to people from Pretoria, Moqambique, Namibia and France, all coming here to experience the wonderful Cape Floral Kingdom. Darling is a little distance from the sea, close enough for the sea air but far enough to miss the salt spray and the flowers are magnificent!

I am painting the arum lilies which I obtained legally.....the fines for picking these treasures are extremely heavy. On the radio, television and in the papers there are warnings not to buy them from street vendors. I am talking lilies, but visitors should park and walk the routes where the world's most beautiful and very colourful smaller flowers are hiding in marshy areas. If you want to take in all the flowers together there is the annual Darling Wildflower Show and the annual Orchid Show later this month.

There is a nest of wonderful guest houses, restaurants and very original entertainment. Leading the program is the Voorkamerfest, where live shows and plays are performed in various private homes. There are seven different routes. For each ticket the visitor is transported by minibus taxi to three very different surprise venues. (all routes fully booked out for 2009). And in between theatre-going and dining, guests can follow the Darling Art Route, visiting 13 different homes and galleries in town. Visit me at no 3 ......


  1. Wish I could be there....visiting you at no 3! The paintings of the arum lilies are beautiful, I am certain they are snapped up as soon as the paint is dry.

  2. it all sounds so Beautiful! As are your paintings Marie:)

  3. Thank you, MacTeddy and Alisa, I got bored, eventually, with the line-up of small paintings and am now continuing the larger scenes of the town around me.

  4. Sounds like you are having a very successful exhibit, congratulations! I wish I were there! I love the paintings of your lilies and the flower fields! You live in a very beautiful place!


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