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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Schoolmaster's House at Modderrivier

As promised, I went down the hill today to the cottage in the valley. An old man of deep in his seventies lives there. He tells me that he was born on the farm Modderrivier and now lives in what used to be the schoolmaster 's house. He has learnt his Three R's together with about 50 other farm children. Although only having completed a very low grade, he explains to me that the high school children of today will never know everything that is in his head. I agree, because he has seen so much history.
The cottage is almost heart-breakingly pretty. If you add trees in full flower and three rounded toddlers, it becomes even more so. It has the wooded mountain on one side, but catches lots of sunlight and has a view down the valley. The proper large traditional chimney sits on one side. Inside the kitchen is the inglenook containing a wood-firing little Dover stove.

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