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Friday, April 3, 2009

Hendrik and Meraai

Don't ask me how thatch can be fixed with cement, but one can see it regularly in this area! This house in the painting will have a good wood fire for cooking, as can be judged by the large chimney built onto the outside.

I asked for a name suggestion for my painting, but my husband, who always names animals, immediately ventured "Hendrik and Meraai" for the chickens standing sentinel on the sidewalk. This is roughly translatable as Henry and Mary.


  1. Love the detail such as the very inviting open door of the second cottage, and the washing fluttering in the background!

    You have a wonderful way of capturing a moment in time, and beckoning the viewer into that space.

    Thank you for sharing - every painting is a delightful experience.

  2. Marie, hendrik en Meraai and Anybody home het my hart gesteel, hoop Lelieblom sal uit sy nate begin blom dat ek jou kan ondersteun, sal beslis 'n aanwins wees vir ons huis, maar alles het 'n tyd en 'n seisoen, ek moet net geduld he, God het Sy Meesterplan. Soos maxicl bo se elke skildery is 'n delightful experience en besoek gereeld jou blog om te sien wat is nuut.


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