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Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Yzerfontein Landmark

We are in Yzerfontein and have been admiring this well-known restaurant and guest house called Kaijaiki, which means 'small dwelling'. It was designed and built by the owners only twelve years ago. This is an example of how a sensitive design shows respect for the past and for the West Coast region. It helps us not to lose the old-world charm in a world where the older styles are discarded at too fast a pace. A building like this links with the vernacular to form a gentle passage between the old and the new.

People who has visited this blogsite will notice a new painting, as I have decided to show less roof area and get much closer. Here is that wonderful dark colour for wood called 'heritage green'. If you visit the historic buildings of the Cape the colour can be seen everywhere around windows and on wooden doors.

Once through the entrance you will experience the golden glow inside with it's lovingly collected cottage antiques that spell out that tried and tested saying: West Coast hospitality. Inside the dining area a real log fire takes you away from the stress of the city. Feast your eyes on objects from long ago, which even include Grandmother's sewing machine and her framed handmade bloomers.

And then, of course, you will meet your hosts, probably make friends for life, be offered the menu and an evening of relaxation can begin!


  1. Marie, wel gedaan! Ek het soveel waardering vir jou werk. Alhoewel ek jou nie so lank ken nie, glo ek jy is n persoon wat soos goeie rooiwyn, net al beter met ouderdom word. Jy het n fyn oog vir detail en nuanses. n Besonderse mens en ek voel bevoorreg om jou te ken. Doen so voort.
    Mary Ann Bosch

  2. I like the way you put it: the 'respect for the past' and the 'passage between old and new'. It says so much more than the often seen fashionable attempt at retro that is badly done.The process to honour that must cost more, I guess. But it always shows.

  3. Hi Rodney, I can remember in History of Art we used the French word 'passage' for the work of Cezanne, where one colour or form would flow gently into the next! It is a term we could really use more in English!


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