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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Anybody home?

I found this abandoned cottage about 6 kilometers from home on a dirt road. From the typical style it seems very old. The corrigated iron roof is loose and rusted through. The window glass is out, the doors blocked up. The garden is overgrown with fynbos and only the brave cactus indicates that there once was a garden. A deserted ruin....but then again, who has hung a piece of cloth in the window opening?


  1. Love this one! There is something awesome about the light and the trees...

  2. Dis "beautiful" Marie, spreek tot my siel, ek self is so 'n lonesome soul. Ek sien myself in daai huisie en die mooi bome en ka hoor hoe die wind suis deur die toppe! Pragtig, regtig!

  3. Your love for the West Coast really comes through in your work. I love your description of this abandoned house. My wife says she doesn't know why, but for some reason she gets really sad when she sees old abandoned buildings. Great post - and painting.


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