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Monday, April 13, 2009

Old Fish Market at Yzerfontein

I loved observing the scene of the old fish market at Yzerfontein. The dirty yellow guano- incrusted building electrified the atmosphere. Loud-mouthed locals would beckon their customers in friendly competition with each other. Witticisms would fly around like the ever-present seagulls. The fare was usually fresh snoek, geelstert, red roman or great amounts of the small hottentots fish. Visiting the fish market was only the beginning of a lovely evening......
Nowadays there is a new fish market, widely promoted while it was being built. We go there in anticipation, only to realise that 'of-fish-cial-dom' rules. The facilities are for cleaning and gutting, but selling is not allowed. The public is unwelcome and the fishermen are unfriendly. An enquiry about buying is ignored and everyone must re-think the concept: market.


  1. Only a Capetonian could truly appreciate this post! (the first paragraph description). I love modern life and its toys, but your post is a reminder that in the drive to eliminate 'inefficient' practices that 'waste time' in a market economy, we simultaneously kill the richness of our social fabric and actually end up poorer.
    As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.(Thoreau)
    Again - great post.

  2. Hi Rodney, you put it so well! All through the Old World a 'market' is a place of colour and sound, people and bartering! Maybe the new place should be named Municipal Fish Gutting Facility!


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