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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the Dirt Road to Darling

Two kilometers from the sea you will start seeing sheep. They are healthy and robust and can display unusual behaviour. A few lazy sheep may lean against a fence, others will lean against them and more and more will do it. Kilograms of fat sheep leaning against the fences, no wonder that the wire often snaps. Behind the grazing sheep, deep in the valley lies a lovely white cottage said to be over a hundred years old. To get there you go off the maintained dirt road onto an unmaintained dirt road, park between lots of farm implements, get out and hike down to the cottage. People are living there and I am going to visit them tomorrow!


  1. Hi Marie! Lovely painting - you are a beautiful artist as well as a story teller... Have a great day!

  2. OOOOO, nog 2 hart-se-punte mooi skilderye!!!

  3. I am enjoying this new theme so much! It should make a beautiful coffee table book -
    An Artist guide to West Coast Cottages (and their stories)... by Marie Theron ... I can see it already! Every time I think I have picked my favorite, but then a new cottage steals my heart. Looking forward to many more
    cottages and their stories.

  4. Rian - I'm in full agreement. What a lovely book it would be...

    All of the paintings are so lovely, and they drag my heart back to the West Coast.

    The way Marie captures the trees in the paintings is so real you can hear the wind and smell the distictive West Coast fragrance.

    I honestly believe we have a spectacular publication in the making.

  5. Thank you, Rian and Maxi, for the book suggestion. But maybe this IS the book? A new sort of book, that is at the moment read in Australia, Norway, the USA? Come to think about it, there is no hard copy, not even a draft! I open my blog and just write.

  6. Wat 'n wonderlike voorreg om hier in ons pandokkie, der duisende km van jou af deur hierdie 'boek van pure ooggenot' te kan blaai Marie! My vingers streel oor skewe heinings op die skerm en ek word deel van die bekorende toneel.


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