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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Only in Riebeek Kasteel!

The main vegetation of the Swartland area where Riebeek Kasteel is situated is wheat. The area is a fairly new wine-producing region. But of course, the ocean breezes and low-lying position of the region is ideal for vineyards. So do not be surprised by what I am showing you here: town gardens covered in vines! Browse along the main streets of Riebeek Kasteel to admire a quaint clockmaker, a peaceful little village church and restaurants housed in Victorian homes, and suddenly you spot them: the urban vinyards! So, who wants roses?

The key to having such a lovely-looking healthy vineyard is disease control. Young vines are carefully selected and planted in vine nurseries, then uprooted, dusted for disease control and thereafter sold to farmers or any person willing to plant and nurture them. Trellisses support the growing vines which are always planted in symmetrical rows. Thus a growing vineyard will form these eye-catching patterns we love!


  1. What a delightful blog you have here. You make these little towns sound so very charming!

    Thank you very much for your ever so kind comments on my little paintings.

  2. thanks for stopping by Marie! Isn't the internet wonderful? We're chatting like we're next door neighbors instead of across the globe. I love your style and subject matters. We have a lot of backyard vineyards in the Bay Area. It think everyone is trying their hand in it. Your paintings are really an ambassador for your part of the world. I really would love to visit South Africa now.

  3. Oh such lovely sights and memories you provide Marie. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for showing me South African vineyards! A lovely part of the globe...lovely painting!

  5. Great sense of distance from forground fence to mountains! Nice work!
    Thanks for commenting, so I could come over and meet you. A nice surprise!

  6. love this! my eye is happy to keep moving all around the painting.


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