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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finding Felix

There's no such Cat in the metropolis; (oh well, make it 'village'). He holds all the patent monopolies. For performing surprising illusions. And creating eccentric confusions.

(From Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T.S.Eliot -Mr Mistoffelees)

No wonder there are great poems about cats! We found the surprisingly tiny Felix in the backyard of the restaurant, among planting tools, squeezed in behind some pots! It seems like his favourite resting place! I found the painting very plain against my usually cluttered works, but persued the topic nevertheless.

Cafe Felix is linked to Old Oak Manor House in Riebeek Kasteel. Do yoursself a favour and google this guest house. Restaurant and guest house owner Salome Gunter is one of South Africa's well-known interior designers. The bedrooms are truly fall-apart-in-my-backyard sumptious and a little cat like Felix is likely to get lost between those large puffy cotton-print pillows.


  1. LOVE his expression Marie! And the simplicity makes this sketch absolutely great.

  2. lovely marie, thanks for all the comments and advice

  3. Hi,
    I am new to your blog. This is a very interesting and compelling painting! I like the way that all of the elements of foeground and background fuse, but. the flower pots remain the main focus. Nicely done!

    I read a comment about how you use a canvas panel as a pallette with saran wrap. . .that is wonderful advice. Thanks!

  4. Thank you, Thea and Maree and I am pleased to meet you, Linda. I hope I can find your blog.


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