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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Marmalade Cat

My painting of little Felix, the restaurant cat, was very popular and I had comments, Facebook comments, e-mails and phone calls about it. So, even though I am working on paintings about Riebeek Kasteel, I was prompted to paint another restaurant cat. This very quick oil sketch shows a tabletop scene at The Marmalade Cat, a popular Darling eatery where tourists, locals and especially the local artists hang out.

Before you think this little cat makes a habit of jumping on tables, I must explain something. My husband has that sympathetic aura about him, so that any animal who makes eye contact with him thinks: Mmmmmm, here I will get away with ANYTHING! (There, I told the World, and Darling, please take your dog off my white sofa!)


  1. I am enjoying your blog as I too am a cat lover, mine is 20 years old. I am just starting on watercolours. I also like your information on your home town. I have never been to S.Africa.

  2. Marie, I found you through Theresa Miller's blog. I am loving your chronicles of the West Coast. I visited Kenya in 1994 and was very taken with your continent. Now I see I must return to South Africa. I am joining your blog!


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