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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Friendly Place for Shoppers

In South Africa we have a great fondness of our little towns. If they offer wide open pedestrian walkways without motor traffic, like Riebeek Kasteel, they attract happy browsers. Here you can leave your car and get away from the pollution. You can enjoy fresh mountain air, shopping and coffee in the morning and have lunch at one of the several splendid restaurants.

There are mostly galleries and gift shops along this walkway. Here you can buy unusual lacy long skirts, knitted scarfs and berets, and embroidered cushions are stacked high on the stoep. The talented artists who chose Riebeek Kasteel or its sister village Riebeek West as their home, are well represented here. My painting shows the lovely colours and finishes on these restored Edwardian buildings.


  1. I'd love to see a photo of you with your cinched-in waist and four yards of skirt! I loved those skirts in the early 60's, and we had those wide, elasticized belts with a big metal buckle that finished off the outfit!

  2. O,yes Maree, the belt was part of it. I am working on my grandchildren's computer and battle to load the newest painting. I hope it will appear here before my story is old-hat!

  3. These paintings are fantastic - I so nearly bought a house there, but for some obscure reason, backed out. Thank you for the lovely reminders of a beautiful area.

  4. I know how lovely she looked in those dresses, always hoped I could do the same, but alas...

    Love the painting and the ambiance it brings to us. Oh...take me home, country roads...

    As always, thank you for reaching out and bringing us into your stunning world.

  5. You have the gift to not only paint with color (sorry I am a Texan now, we do not use the U )
    but also with words! I really would LOVE to see this "album" of West Coast work in a book! : )


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