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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More and more Gannets!

By now I think everyone must realize that I cannot let go of the gannets of Lambert's Bay. Suddenly I see seabirds in my future as an artist: going into more and more detail and entering the world of Wildlife Art by painting the precious and protected birds of the West Coast.

The great exhibition of 630 works by 63 artists, called "A Slice of Life" opens this week in Somerset West. On the 10 wooden blocks I received, I used 4 for my gannets. I showed one piece last week, and here are the three others. You can see how they all look together in the first photo.


  1. I can understand why you would be fascinated by them Marie, they are such gorgeous birds... and yes! Wildlife Artist Marie Theron! It's got a great ring to it! These are absolutely beautiful, in depth studies would be wonderful.

  2. Hi Marie, I haven't visited for a while and here I find these wonderful paintings of birds! You've depicted them as such wonderfully social birds, packed into happy groupings. I love the concept of the show they are for. Good luck with it. Let us know how it goes!

  3. You see seabirds in your future...? Sounds like a plan to me. These paintings are wonderful!

  4. I spent last Friday at a bird preserve and so enjoyed looking at the beautiful variations of birds that inhabit my part of the world. Your gannets are a fun lot aren't they??

  5. Marie, these are wonderful. I was trying to decide which was my favorite. All terrific designs and expressing different emotions.

    I was reminded of Jamie Wyeth's seven sins series that he did with seagulls as his subjects. I saw them up close and personal a year ago in Maine. Powerful!

  6. These bird painting look great when displayed together. The rich burnt orange background is very striking. I see lots of sea bird and wild life paintings in your future....and houses, boats, flowers, have so many interests and things that you are compassionate about, I think you will always paint what inspires you.

  7. Dear Maree, thank you for those amazing comments, You give me the courage I need to pursue my idea!

    Claire, yes they are very social in nature. Have you read my 5 earlier blogs where I painted and described their story?

    Thank you for the trust you place in me, Charlene!

    Marian, they are, but as you get to know the birds over there you will begin to notice, youth, age, and a lot of things about individual birds!

    Mary, what valuable information! I can never get tired of reading about the talented Wyeths! Thank you for that and the comments on my work!Will go to the website after this!

    Thank you, Liana! Thank you Cath and welcome to my blog!

    Catherine, I am maybe a bit overwhelmed by interesting subject matter, but hope to visit these lovely birds soon. It is not easy to get volunteers to drive there with is extremely far!

  8. What fabulous colors and shapes! These are beautiful!


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