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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Slice of Life Exhibition

After all the anticipation to attend the opening, the day of week, the time of day and the great distance prevented me from attending the opening of the exhibition. Avril who owns the gallery wrote so well about it on the morning after that I am going to quote him here: " Difficult to describe unique events like these. Crazy, ridiculous, exciting, enjoyable, all at the same time. Maybe "memorable" is a fair description. Many, many guests and few serious problems. One of those events one has to attend to really appreciate.
Since the gallery opened for business on 20 September 2007 I always wanted to do a real "opening", where the paintings are "unveiled". And this was the golden opportunity to do it. Imagine the curtains coming down and 600 paintings becoming fully visible all at once. I enjoyed the exercise, and according to all accounts most guests did!

In my photos this week I show my ten works together, followed by all my seagull paintings.

Living here next to the coast, I can see a lot of individualism in the seagulls. The leaders, the lookouts, the extremely young and the old and overweight birds all represent themselves...Again I "humanize" them, which I cannot help. Look at the gull I was able to get very close to....he really thought the rope was a safeguard against an approaching human. Then there is the group who seems to wait for a signal from their leader, something like: On your marks, get set, GO! I hope you enjoy my seagull paintings!


  1. They all look so good together!
    Thanks for bringing the show to my home :-)

  2. Wow Marie, you've been busy! What wonderful paintings of all these birds, both the gannets and the seagulls! And all the best for the exhibition!

  3. Beautiful display of the gulls, Marie! Can you believe my eyes are drawn right to the red rope, so beautifully painted? And the wood, dry from exposure to sun, sea, and what have you...just perfection!

  4. Aaaaw, just LOVE all these gulls Marie! Absolutely beautiful! Pity you missed the opening, maar nou ja, life happens. thanks for this lovely post!

  5. Hi Marie, I like the warmth of the first ones (as you know I love the warm side of the wheel) but I really like the blues in these.

  6. Thank you, padjama! I value your input!

    Thank you, Liz...I will visit your blog to read about your trip!

    Dear Sherry, I am not the only one who is charmed to see you commenting here! Thank you for noticing the little details in the background of the paintings.

    Maree, thank you, I know that you love gulls too and have painted them there "in die binneland", where they should not be, but seagulls are very inventive and will always survive even it they have to emigrate!

    Thank you, Linny! Colourwise, I enjoy painting the gannets much more!

  7. I'm sorry it's been so long since I visited here, Marie, but what a delight to see that this exhibition is on the go. I love your seabirds - the gannets so elegant and the seagulls so characterful - and think they're a wonderful subject for you to concentrate on, as you suggested in the previous post. Best of luck with this show, wish I could get there!

  8. Your paintings are a delight...sorry I haven 't been blogging as much but I am back to it again!


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