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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Market, to Market

This gannet painting sized 8x8 is one of the ten paintings I created for the exhibition I told you about last week. How to describe this amazing concept? The show is called "A Slice of Life" and will show 630 works by 63 South African artists, picked by Avril Gardiner from all corners of the country. Our opening is Wednesday 3rd November 2010. The 630 'slices of life' will be displayed on one wall and will be revealed at 6pm sharp.

Let me assure you, not one of us artists are even allowed to view THE WALL before opening night.I have seen photos of the work of Salome Briers who painted scenes from the Bokaap and District 6, very colourful and beautiful!

My viewer counter here on the blog show that nearly over 2600 unique South Africans have visited my blog. Who ARE you? (like they say in almost every Hollywood film) are invited to The Liebrecht Gallery to attend this event! For my friends who cannot attend, I will keep you updated!


  1. Hi Marie,

    Lovely painting, great composition. How exciting. I will look forward to you next post.
    All the best to you.


  2. The show sounds like a fantastic idea and lots of fun. I am excited to hear more of the details. Your painting is glorious and as usual depicts accurately "a slice of life".

  3. Yes, please update us. If the other 62 artists' slices of life are as enchanting as yours, it is going to be a wonderful show!

  4. this is gorgeous Marie and what a wonderful concept! You must be terribly excited! Here's wishing you lots of luck!

  5. Great painting Marie! Good luck with the exhibition - Enjoy!!

  6. Good luck with your show. Love your birds! Seems like November is an opening month for many of us. That bodes well, don't you think, Marie?
    Hope you are happy with the hanging when you see it.!

  7. How exciting to be part of this wonderful sounding event. Good luck on the 3rd. Can't wait to see a photo of all 10 of yours on the very full wall display (I'm good at maths!!!).

  8. Thank you, Joan, yes, I grew very fond of gannets!

    Thank you, Carol, it is a very nice gallery and we hope it will go well!

    Thank you Charlene, I appreciate your interest in the show!

    Maree, I love the idea too and am glad that I was invited.

    Thank you, Sandra!

    Cathyann, yes busy times. I hope the buyers will be excited as ourselves! All the best for your shows too!

    Joan, yes, I did manage to take them all 10 together, I really should NOT try to get the most mileage out of it and post them one by one!!!

  9. Good luck with the show. It sounds wonderful...all those artists in one place. Love the composition and colors of this piece. Its obvious you have spent a lot of time admiring and observing these handsome fellows!

  10. Good luck with the exhibition! This is a lovely piece!

  11. The concept is beautiful, thanks for sharing Marie and your painting is lovely too, all the best, look forward to see that special display pictures!

  12. Marie, Sounds like a lovely event! congratulations! This painting is very nice. I t has so much movement and feeling.

  13. That will be a fantastic show, I'm sure!!!

    Will you take photos???

    Best of luck, Marie..

  14. How exciting and what an honor to be included. Please post photos of the event. Enjoy!

  15. How exciting for you Marie. Wishing you all the best. This is a lovely painting as are all your paintings. As Charlene said, if the other artists are as good as you it should be a wonderful show.

  16. Thank you, Catherine, I think I will do more!

    Thank you, Diane!I am thrilled at the response to my gannet painting!

    Padmaja, I will show them all soon!

    Thank you, Dana, it took me some time to know these birds really well!

    Thank you, Marian, I will keep you up-to-date!

    Thank you, Barbara, will do that!

    Thank you, Jean. I am so curious to see all the work.

  17. I KNOW I left a comment on here days ago! It must have spun off into cyberspace...A shame, too. Because I'm sure it was filled with extreme knowledge and insight....LOL..Right!

    So for now I'll simply say: Wonderful painting! And good luck on the upcoming show.

  18. Thank you, Dean, I am afraid the same happens here. Thank you for going through the process again and for your kind comments!

    Thank you, Karen. Sometimes we are lucky and the birds arrange themselves.


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