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Monday, October 4, 2010

A West Coast morning exhibition in Pretoria

The moment that I met a new friend, Zelda, on Facebook a year ago, she enthusiastically offered me an informal morning exhibition in Pretoria. To make things easy, I packed mostly smaller and unframed paintings. We could not wish for a lovelier Pretoria spring morning!.

1)The first photo shows the imposing gates of Zelda's home with a mass of sweetpeas in bloom.

2)Soon I had some flowers in my hand for a playful photo-session with my graceful hostess.

3)The paintings stood everywhere between roses, silver bowls and in the pretty garden. This painting of a lighthouse was the first to sell.

4) The cupcakes which the guests had with long girly-type drinks or champagne.

5) More artful cupcakes, as delicious as they look!

6) The antique roses that filled the house.

7) Gentle background music and French songs by Esperance.

8) A tearful meeting with Debbie whom I have met on blogging, Facebook and RedBubble! (The tears of emotion were mine!) And Debbie bought a Paternoster painting of mine!

At the end of the day, I have sold 9 paintings and gave away two little ones as gifts. And of course, Zelda got the autumn doll painting that she loved.


  1. Beautiful people, beautiful art and cupcakes, beautiful creation- the plants and flowers. WISH I could have been there but the photos are a lovely compromise. : )

  2. What a perfectly lovely day you and Zelda had! Thank you for sharing it all through this delightful story and pictures.

  3. Helen, thank you for the enthusiastic comments.I really wish you were there too. Wonder if such an event could work over there. Without sales, I think, as I am not sure one could market yourself in another country!

    Thank you, Charlene. I felt well rewarded for all those hours spent painting.

  4. Wow! what a successful enterprise and great day together. Thanks for all the lovely photos .

  5. How wonderful for you. To actually meet someone from facebook and blogging. To share such a lovely day with Zelda. The cup cakes look very yummy and of course your wonderful art work . All the best to you Marie and thank you for sharing your day.


  6. What a lovely gift Zelda gave you in hosting this gathering--and lucky Zelda to receive one of your delightful paintings! I am thrilled for you in the affirmation--and sales!--the day brought you, Marie.

  7. You must be back now Marie? How nice to recount these memories and meet some really wonderful people. So happy about your sales.... Zelda was a star and really made it a special day..... I too was overwhelmed to have met you and see your paintings in real life but boy, was it a tough choice?!!!! I'm thrilled I now own one of YOUR creations...... XX

  8. Marie, what a wonderful day it obviously was, I'm so sorry to have missed it (with one laatlammetjie still finishing school, my life is revolving around his activities at the moment!) I hope it's not a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that passed me by and that I'll get to meet you and see your paintings 'for real' sometime soon...

  9. Sounds like an amazingly successful and enjoyable trip!!

  10. Hi Joan, it was lovely, yes! I can recommend these lovely open house affairs! Such fun!

    Joan, I appreciate this lovely comment!I so like to meet people with the same interests on Facebook. A while ago we were 8 at a cabaret on a farm, and we just got on so well because we have been writing to each other!

    Mary, the sales were the biggest surprise of all! Yes I was happy to hand deliver Zelda's favorite painting to her with love from the West Coast!

    Debbie, as I write I have only been home for 3 hours. The hot bath and bed will be fabulous! Yes, Zelda was a star!Her home and garden is so welcoming! I am very thrilled and happy that you chose "You must love Paternoster", thank you for the purchase and I hope it will give you joy!

    Cathy, I know what having children is like. I do hope there will be a time when you are not so busy and we can meet!

    Thank you, Marian. I have just arrived home and feel very satisfied with my trip!

  11. Oh absolutely lovely Marie! What a wonderful sounding day and well done on the sales! Those cupcakes look jolly nice!!

  12. What a great experience! Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  13. What a creative way to have an art exhibit! Sounds like a lovely way to spend a morning. Glad you had great sales too - but not surprised!

  14. Thank you, Liz! Everything was truly beautiful, Pretoria has a wonderful climate as well>

    Thank you for popping in, Dean!

    Claire, I never realized how different such a day show could be when compared to a formal Exhibition!

  15. It's always such fun to visit your blog! What a fantastic event and congratulations on selling so many paintings!

  16. It looked like a wonderful event. Gosh, I want some of those cupcakes. lol

  17. Thank you, Barb and Barbara! I truly enjoyed my special morning!

  18. This sounds like fun and a fabulous idea! I love it.

  19. Sounds a lovely day that you had with good company and art. I love the paintings of the gannets and reading all about them. I will look out for them here in UK.

  20. Thank you, Karen!

    Carolina, it is really one of the nicest ways of showing art!

    Thank you, Carolann. About gannets, I am hooked and have done 4 more small ones, with a yearning to paint a very large scene with gannets!

  21. Wow! What a perfectly wonderful day! Sweet-ladies, & cupcakes! Fine Art & ~sales~!
    Happy you're an Artist-Blogger- sharing with us!


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