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Sunday, November 8, 2009

An Autumn Painting in a Spring Garden

I have been housebound because of the weather. The plan was to paint a large canvas with a rich, waving sunny wheatfield which will continue the story of Malmesbury. But for the last 96 hours it has been raining and pouring. It started with storms of the worst kind when I often thought that the sea was entering the house. Now it is just an ongoing rain, the type that the fields and gardens surely need before the scorching summer arrives.

To keep the blog running, I decided to show you my painting, completed three weeks ago, for an Autunm theme competition that was launched in California, the home of Facebook, where of course, they celebrate the colours of Autumn at the moment. In honour of the contrast of seasons between the Northern hemisphere and the Cape, I photographed the painting in my Spring garden some weeks ago.

Hoping to paint the wheatfields soon!


  1. How ironic...we really need the rain in California. I am enjoying the lovely painting in your gorgeous garden! How lucky are you!

  2. Beautiful painting Marie, and beautiful setting. Yes, we in Cape Town have also been house bound with unbelievable storms, high wind and heavy rain. My poor dog has just had her summer hair cut and she is shivering! The winter woolies are back on again!

  3. Marie, I love the fall painting in the spring garden. How ironic that on the other side of the world it is spring. We had several weeks of hard rain. I paint more when it is not sunny outside. We have had an absolute beautiful week now. Hopefully, the same for you.

  4. They form a lovely contrast Marie! And the weather has been the same here, lots of rain, but we've had some incredibly beautiful sunny spots in between - there's nothing like a bright wet landscape!

  5. What a gorgeous painting, Marie! The view through the window is sheer delight to me. The older, heavier wood framing the window is stunning and I love the whimsy of the doll and the bowl of fruit. Just all around lovely. And the spring flowers are beautiful in their own right!

  6. Thank you Sheila, Carol, Liana, Maree and AutumnLeaves for these very special and lovely comments! I am glad that I blogged something even though I could not work on The West Coast.

    The deep dark windowsill is from my own home and the old China doll in her petticoat is also mine. The bowl of American miniature pumpkins was on my Texas daughter's Thanksgiving table in 2000 and I had a photo of it.


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