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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And now for South African Pumpkins

For all my friends in the States who are painting and displaying and eating pumpkin at this time of the year, I show a still life with everyday South African pumpkins.
You do not want to know what Spring has turned into as the rain pours down and the wind whips up the ocean outside my studio window!
While I am waiting to continue travelling the West Coast and paint a waving wheatfield, I refer back to my previous blog. I have used my own window and my own doll in the picture, and added a bowl of miniature American pumpkins which I photographed on my daughter's Thanksgiving table in 2000 in Texas. When I was there, I truly admired the lovely pumpkins displayed on lawns and window-sills all over American towns, some of them enormous, very orange, very round orbs!

Our pumpkins are very rough-looking, I hope you like them too!
A waving wheatfield coming up soon! (thinking positively about the weather!)


  1. Oh so lovely pumpkins Marie. Why do you think the pumpkins in the States are so orange and do you think they will grow here? Maybe someone can send us some American pumpkin seeds...

  2. Gorgeous pumpkins, Marie! Do you also make pies with your pumpkins? Or pumpkin bread (ooh, so good!!)? What really caught my attention, however, is the fact that you can see a whipped up ocean from your studio window! What a luxury! I'd never leave that studio!!

  3. Hi Maree, a different pumpkin species altogether. We will not be able to make lanterns from our pumpkins. And seeds.....they may take over, no natural enemies! To answer AutumnsLeaves: no cakes or breads as a rule, we take our veggies seriously! I hear you about the studio! Rattling doors, the cold pushing up from underneath, windows dirty with sleet and spray and the colour outside is grey, grey, grey. She has her moods, the West Coast! Turner would have been inspired!

  4. I find your pumpkins fascinating and reminiscent of our colorful fall gourds, perfect for decorating the dining table or the front porch. You rendered the texture so well that I want to touch the painting.


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