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Monday, October 11, 2010

A Wish for the West Coast

When you have been away for a month, you will always look anew at your home turf. In Pretoria, I was charmed by the very positive outlook of people, the lovely climate, the lush parks and gardens. Something that is almost a phenomena is the ability of people up there to create! The markets, whether they are permanent, or held weekly or annually, just have so much that is beautiful and of a high quality.

Back home, I need to make a few fast sketches of some boats at Velddrif. There is a large hall, quite spacious at the little harbour and it is divided into market stalls, but the spark is not there and the visitors are scarce. Seeing that the West Coast is rather poor, it would have been lovely if the same quality home bakes and crafts that we see a few kilometers further in Paternoster could be offered here. This prettiest and most historical of harbours just do not see the visitors it could receive.

Lately, we have seen far too many impersonal malls appear on the West Coast, it would therefore be so meaningful to see this great space at Velddrif become something much more craft-friendly.

Here, once again, I have painted a colourful little boat in the mouth of the Berg River at Velddrif. As you can see it is not seriously realistic! I preferred to play around with some designs, like those repetitive rings!


  1. Very nice piece, Marie. I like its playful quality and simplicity, the interesting patterns, and your use of very simple lines and shapes to suggest a whole story.

  2. I do love your interpretation of this boat, Marie. It's very cool actually.

  3. I really like the feel of this painting, the bold black lines have given it a new dimension, making it modern.

  4. A lovely interpretation Marie! And don't you just hate those horrible mall things going up in our country towns!

  5. Thank you, Mary, I sometimes go back to my older style!

    Lovely comment, Manon! Thank you so much!

    padmaja, I painted it very fast and that probably made the difference.

    So right Liz! It would be lovely if the CRAFTS can go big and the impersonal developments put on hold!

  6. I love it Marie. Very free and bright and I love the reflections.

  7. Marie, before I read your own comment about the rings, I thought "I really like the repetition of the rings."

    Interesting comments about your home area. I do hope that your wishes come true.

  8. Thank you, Carol, I was in a certain mood taht day.....

    Mary, I often forget how important a bit of rhythm can be in a painting! Thank you for reading and commenting!

  9. What a charming scene - I love it!

  10. Marie, it's lovely. I love the design and the reflection. I really like the way you play with paint. Once again thank you for sharing a little bit of history and wonderful art. All the best to you.


  11. Thank you, Sandra!

    Joan, I love the "play with paint" comment! I do not like to follow a formula and often try a different approach! So yes, "play with paint" it is!!!

  12. Although there is a sort of security in those chain establishments you see in malls they so lack personality and interest... The fact that they are so generic is both a small plus and a large minus.

    Enjoy the beauty you see near home and keep sharing it with us!!

  13. One of the things I learned in my weekly art class is that a painting should have a dominance of a particular shape. You repetition of the round shapes is a good example of how it helps to unify a painting. Experimenting is a good thing.


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