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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Painting "en plein air" in Wellington

"View at Welgegund Farm, Wellington" by Landscape International Artist Marie Theron
405mm x 305mm (12 x 16) oil on canvas board
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This was the first plein air event of the season, winters here being much too harsh and stormy to venture out. Melissa Sutherland of Vindigo organised the day-long event! With 20 artists at the first event, I can see this concept growing in future! The venue was Welgegund wine farm in the Wellington District where Melissas parents live and farm with grapes. Top on the list for most artists was the lovely old farmhouse in the Cape Dutch style. I searched for a vista of the vineyards as seen through the farm buildings.

Around the lunch table each artist was given a chance to tell everyone about their journey through life and art. The shy ones were prompted with questions and there was lots of laughter and fun. We had a chicken dish followed by tart and mousse made from the fruits on the farm, and everyone had a chance to drink the farm's Welgegund wines. I do not drink wine and broke the heart of the winemakers as I believe this boutique wine has won some of the most coveted awards! 

We finished our works, then had a crit session in the open air. There was coffee and cakes served before we took the road home.
View of the vineyards at Welgegund

Watching the artists arriving.

Annelise Kolbe-Van Wyk in the most admired art overcoat,
me, and Melissa Sutherland, tour organiser

Melissa and her mom, Sheila Camerer served an early cuppa before we started.
Shirley in the background was tutor ready to help beginners.
The lovely old homestead is in the background.

I put the last touches to my scene.


  1. Your painting captures the tranquility of the area. Love the soft color which add to the atmospheric feel of the place.

    1. Thank you, I thought the scene was soft looking, with the distant haze over it, Jean! I tried to paint was I saw and not what I knew about values!

  2. This plein aire painting is beautifully finished, Marie. I love those blues! It sounded like the perfect day!!! Hope you are well!

  3. Thank you, Hilda! Is my spelling wrong? I better correct it! THANKS! And I am up and down, thank you, but keeping busy!

  4. So glad you chose that mountain view and it is indeed gorgeous, Maria. Love that you were able to get out and attend this lovely event.

    1. Sherry,thanks, you are right! I am actually learning to realize that is is OK to go out!


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