Friday, October 11, 2013

A Little Romantic Interlude

"Girl Talk" 9x12
Oil on Canvas , SOLD
I get so way-laid in everything! It is the story of my life. In art I fell briefly in love with Impressionism, but then found out the truth about the style: ironically, it takes quite a lot of labour to make something appear so effortless! Over and over I would flick colours onto canvas, using the side of an angled brush. When to stop, was the question. I flicked colour for days and days. The most annoying thing was that I could never again match the fleetingness of the little umbrella girl. What do you do when the first attempt is the best and after that you are just wasting time? I decided that after this it will be: back to the old and trusted way of painting, especially as I am suddenly swamped wit commissions based on my old work. And this painting then? Let's call it a little romantic interlude! The painting lends itself to some kind of narrative, but I want the viewer to interpret freely. The scene is set in that city with the amazing climate, Pretoria, South Africa.


  1. Lovely. Nice that everyone wants your!

  2. VERY nice painting, Marie...I love her pose... I can see why it was sold!!

  3. Somehow you've stilled captured that softness that one sees in Impressionist works, Marie. I think this is a beautiful piece. No surprise that it is sold.

    1. You say it so well, I think you really look well at people's paintings because the comments are always very special!


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