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Friday, February 3, 2012

My Art is on the West Coast Route

I live on the West Coast, but now I am also represented in a much visited place along the route, the very special Nuweland Winery at Vyge Valley on the well-known R27 West Coast Route.

Today we hung 13 smaller works at Nuweland Winery and made wonderful plans for the future... including my participation in several Oyster Festivals and bringing in larger paintings! Invitations will follow!

Without much ado, here is the photo of the lovely venue for my art....with opening hours to suit everybody! That means seven days a week! For more info visit their website .


  1. Congratulations to you, Marie! It is beautiful!!

  2. Congratulations, Marie! I wish you luck. Also, you can always publish a book of your beautiful work that can reach many.

  3. My gosh Marie you're right! Where has the time gone? But at least you're up and painting again and in a new gallery! Fantastic!


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