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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Facts of Flight # 2, Paternoster

The three-part series which I started posting, were commissioned for the opening of a new gallery in the West Coast town of Hopefield. We'll be sleeping in a quaint B&B to be able to attend. Of course I will collect material for my blog too!

In the story of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, it is said that seagulls never think about "the facts of flight"! Flight, graceful as it seems, comes automatically to the gulls, as their only concern in life is FOOD! That gave me the idea for the titles for this three-part series. This second painting shows the beach at Paternoster.

I am painting as hard as ever before! Having passed my 68th birthday made me feel that I should go faster! But the Internet has slowed down, I think it is due to the many users here in the outpost where we live. 25 Homes were allowed ADSL in the beginning. Now , without any improvements to the system there must be at least 150 people using it. I battle to visit blogs, and to comment I often get time-outs. One day we will catch up on the 21st century! This is just to say I still love all your interesting blogs!


  1. This is one book that changed my attitude for my life Marie and I did a few paintings inspired by the book!
    It is a lovely work, the red boat has brightened up the composition as a nice contrast to the serene blue.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Marie! Love the boat and the seagulls just gives the painting that something extra! My condolences to you, there is nothing worse than a slow internet or it being off for some reason or another! I too live in an internet-deficient area and it is terribly frustrating!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Marie. I'd never have guessed you to be older than I am. You are a beauty! Love when I get to see where you live through your paintings...even if it isn't the town you yourself live in. The gulls must be heard in that distant village by the sea all of the time!

  4. Wonderful piece Marie! Keep up the good works and the blogging!

  5. Just a thought. We had to replace our router, now the speed is stable.

  6. This is so beautifully the colors.!! .I wish I lived in that distant village!!


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