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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Awesome Sunsets

Sunsets at Kabeljoubank!!! Having lived here for so many years, our sunsets still remain a spectacular phenomenon! Is there some science, I often wonder, like the science that can measure sound to measure this burst of colour? Should there not be a formula by which I can measure the variety and intensity?

There are evenings when the waves stubbornly "ignore" the sunset and remains unmoved! Then again, like some weeks ago, everything was tainted pink, right up to the pebble-stones at my feet.

I posted some photos of our sunsets and by contrast, the sunset photo I took on the East Coast of Zanzibar last week! I realise that "Bambi Boerbok" has been on show on my blog far too long! Now you know where I've been! :-)


  1. Beautiful sunsets indeed, Marie! Oh to live by the sea!

  2. Oh wow, those sunsets take my breath away, it would be so great to see them in person! So, are you painting some of them? Thanks for stopping by my blog, always so wonderful to hear from you.

  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. The first one is amazing!!!

  4. Marie, what beautiful pictures.
    So like the sunsets in Naples that I see in the winter. West Coast sunsets as you mention. A recurring miracle, you think?

  5. These photos are stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you, Sherry!
    Cissy, I think I should not attempt to emulate Nature's own brushstrokes!
    Thank you hmuxo!
    Mary, there must be a pattern. We saw wonderful sunsets on Central Coast, California!
    Thank you for visiting, Tim!

  7. We get similar sunsets here looking out over San Francisco bay. They are beautiful. I agree about not trying to emulate nature - although I have been guilty of doing so in the past.

  8. I feel God's presence in these sun sets.. no words to describe the beauty of the pics you have taken the moments you have enjoyed Marie!

  9. Diane, thank you for visiting!

    Jean, maybe one day I'll paint a sunset! There is an oil in early stages here. I suppose that I will have to observe closely what happens each evening!

    Padmaja, you can express something in such poetic terms. Thank you for the lovely words!

  10. I totally am crazed now... to visit SA! Beautiful description and photos!


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