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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Work in Progress

I have started a large painting of 760mm x 1000mm. The fearsome white canvas becomes quite tame as soon as it is covered with the first layer of paint! You work different muscles with the broad sweeps of the brush, though, and my upper arm is feeling somewhat stiff at the moment.

As a theme, I decided to do a larger version of my first painting of the year, so this is once again a view of the ocean close to home. The sky looks very serene and has a lot of areal perspective, so I am satisfied with that. But the waves are much too restless. I will not even touch the rocks or birds before this ocean starts "behaving"!

The second photo shows my studio with my work triangle formed with an old table and an old yellow-wood desk.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and WOW! That size! Nice to know the "big white" becomes tame eventually! I've got one of those lined up, keep on taking it out and putting it back! Can't wait to see the finished product Marie!

  2. Wow Marie... Looks like you've got that canvas really under control..... Being able to create believable waves is not an easy thing... Great job!!!

  3. I love the movement of the sea but that is me.
    Had a big one lined up for weeks as well and started this morning...
    Happy painting and am looking forward to the finished painting as well!

  4. Gorgeous, Marie! Both the painting in process and your studio. The floor tiles are amazing and look at the space you have!

  5. Hi Maree, yes you must start your large canvas. Mine was here for two years and sometimes used to block the doorway for Mitzy the Maltese!

    Thank you, Marian. I must run down to the beach again to observe the direction of those waves! Unfortunately, because of the wind, I cannot take this canvas down to the water!

    Hi Angelique, thank you for visiting, and welcome. I would like to see your finished canvas too.

    Thank you, Sherry! I appreciate your comment on my floor tiles which I got to look like that through lots of applications of raw linseed oil thinned with turp. Only after it was ready for polish, did the work become easier.

  6. Very nice to see the larger canvas. The painting is lovely.

  7. This is looking fantastic! What a wonderful piece to have in progress! You must feel really proud :0)

  8. i love your painting. the sky is perfect. great studio!

  9. This is looking so amazing Marie - definitely reflecting the West Coast. And I so remember your beautiful home and that great working area!

  10. Hi, I love your work, I love the colors and light that you give very good job congratulations, greetings.

  11. Thank you, Ruth!
    Thank you, Sandra!
    Liana, yes, admittedly, the sky is easier than the water!
    Thank you, Liz. Such kind words!
    Hi Ricardo, thank you for the visit!Regards from Cape Town!

  12. You're off to a great start! I can relate to the sore muscles of large canvases. I find myself switching my brush from hand to hand to give the arms a break! One of my gallery owners said he'd like to see my new ladies painter really big. My new canvases are a bit smaller than yours, but not by much. Maybe we can get an arm massage...

  13. I agree that the large blank canvas can be very daunting. I don't feel that I have tamed it until after a few layers of paint. I agonize over it along the way. This is a beautiful start. I look forward to seeing the rocks and foreground.
    And by the way, gorgeous studio space!

  14. Thank you, Susan! I hope you like the completed work. Switching hands is something I must try! Yes, your painterly Impressionistic ladies will be wonderful in large format!

    Hi Catherine, I know that you layer your work which is the right way to do it. But I find that I like to work from section to section. The studio always looked cluttered until I arranged my tables in an L-shape.

  15. Beautiful painting and I love love love your studio!


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