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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Restless Ocean - completed

This is the first painting that really gave me heart palpitations. It is both restless and restful! I drag it from room to room in my house. In some areas it looks far too bright, too turquoise, and in a different location it looks serene and calm!

For the last couple of years, I have taken the sea for granted, because every window on two sides of the house have a view. Now, I cannot pass a window without really staring. Since yesterday I have picked up a lot of detail that is NOT in this painting, but will be in the next. For instance: the white foam on the summit of the wave has a shadow of its own, like snow, it is not just white. Also, there is green in the large waves, not my soft peppermint whisper of a colour, but a ferocious darkish green. There is so much to learn!

These photos show the completed painting 1000mm x 750mm. I include some details in the post too, because the seagulls lifting up from the rocky outcrop was such a delightful detail, I had to do it well. There is variation in the colours of the photos too: too much blue sky when I shot them. Our best photos are taken on overcast days.


  1. Marie, this is simply stunning! I am totally in awe! Is this an acrylic?

  2. This painting turned out absolutely beautiful. It must be amazing in real life. Nature is like full of surprises. We think we know something about her but on further examination, there are so many nurances to discover. The colors and details that we often overlook come to us when we REALLY look. I have discovered a lot about snow this year, and I have been looking at it for many many years.
    This painting is so full of life, I enjoyed detail 4 with the crashing wave. Your composition brings it all together and the birds add a nice touch.

  3. Thank you, Sandra. Yes, I work mostly in acrylic, I like the speed of it!

    Catherine, I realized that! At first I wanted to make changes on the current painting, but it is much better to try again on fresh canvas! Thank you for the lovely comments, I am always hesitant to add birds in a good sky! If they look wrong one lands up with a mess!

  4. Oh, Marie, this painting is magnificent! You are twice blessed. To be gifted as an artist, and to have this wonderful scene outside of your house. Nature is a great teacher and the constant changes are an artist great challenge.

    I will return to see your next post. Thank you so much for sharing.


  5. Thank you for your kind comments, Joan!

  6. This is so very well done, Marie...yes, restless yet the blue is calming.
    I am off to the east coast US beaches for a week...I love looking at the water...boy are there things still to learn and you are right on, with that..
    Keep painting that marvelous sea.

  7. An absolutely stunning view you have, Marie. This is beautiful! The rhythms of the ocean have always drawn me. I love the crashing waves and that restlessness within that for whatever reason translates into a calmness in me. You can almost smell the sea and hear those gulls. Inspired addition to have them.

  8. Wow wow wow.....I finally closed my jaw after it dropped in awe. Congratulations in the completion of a GORGEOUS seascape!!!! love love love it Marie! :o)

  9. Thank you Catyann, I only know Central Coast in California. I hope you paint on holiday so that I can be more informed!

    Sherry, I am just sorry that you can not see my painting in full size and have the full impact of it! Thank you for this super review!

    Now I must say wow too, Sheila, what a mouthful! Thank you dearly for this encouragement.I have not sold anything this year so far, so I treasure your enthusiasm!

  10. Well, it really turned out fantastic Marie! But green or no green, every seascape will have different colours to it, just as the sea has different colours at different times of the day. If there was a fav button, I would add it to my favourites!

  11. Thank you, Linny! I love the little house on your blog. (Your link is on my other blog under people with highly individual styles)

    Thank you, Maree, now hopefully to sell that one so that I can start another large canvas.

    Thank you, Marian!

  12. Marie! It is an absolutely wonderful painting of the sea!
    Thanks for sharing the details, which often can be enjoyed alone, on their own right.
    It's nice to think about you studying your water-view, as well as your work. Always~ learning, observing.
    This one is so harmonious- the sea is the star, but I like the way the sky reaches down, the atmosphere- a cradle for the birds. Also the darks at the edges echo that feeling.

    Enjoy your view today~
    It's all overcast in sunny Florida.

  13. Thank you for such a lovely review, Jill! If it is not cold, I suppose you will do an overcast scene?

    Thank you, Karen!

  14. Just wonderful seascapes! I haven't been visiting many sites lately and find yours so refreshing again!


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