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Monday, January 17, 2011

It is good to be back!

Every year our beloved West Coast seems to get more and more popular. The R27 can become so congested that it is hard to get onto that road when we need to. Locals just burrow in and stay put, but we decided to go away this year. So 5000km by car, many sights in this lovely country, and many visits and adventures later, I am back! I enjoyed the Waterberg area tremendously and that is where I got bitten by a tick! (News travel fast and I sincerely thank everybody who wished me a speedy recovery from the tick-bite fever!) We also visited Johannesburg, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Durban and Plettenberg Bay.

Today I am surely cured and feeling well! I made two paintings this morning under which I could sign the new date 2011. Both paintings have the elements that make up the West Coast: sky and sea, rocks and sand and fynbos. We have magical summer days at the moment! It is good to be back!


  1. Welcome back. Sounds like you had a good time. I have very fond memories of Plettenberg Bay. Look forward to seeing more paintings from your trip.

  2. Glad you had a great time but sorry you got biiten by a tick.....yikes!!
    I love your paintings, Marie!!

  3. Both paintings are fabulous, Marie, but that top piece just takes my breath away. I am glad to know that you are feeling well and recovering from the tick bite. Please do make sure you are tested for Lyme Disease. Not sure if it hits in South Africa but I know people here really suffer from it before it is caught and treated.

  4. Thank you, Jean. These paintings show the West Coast which is my main painting subject, but I will do a photo show of all those other exvciting places!

    Thank you, Manon! I was pleased with the two paintings which portray home as it is every day!

    What a lovely comment, Sherry! You inspired me to advertise this painting on the web! Many friends from the US have mentioned LymeDisease, we do not know it here. I feel fine and am surprised at how well I got over the fever, thanks for your concern!

  5. Gald you are on the mend Marie!tick bites can be serious...I agree with Sheri...get it looked at. I love these two new paintings..the treatment of water is terrific!

  6. Welcome back. Wonderful paintings, and how I long for warmer weather. The sky, the water, simply beautiful. Happy to hear you recovered from your tick bite, the fever the sick feeling, thank goodness you are feeling better.

    All the best to you, and I will be looking forward to your next post.


  7. Cathyann, I see this water every day, so at last I begin to understand the sea. Thank you for the lovely comment!

    Joan, I do understand your longing for warmer weather! I do not even want to think a few months ahead to our wet windy winters. Thank you for the lovely comments!

  8. Your waves are incredible Marie! You have portrayed such a wonderful swirling rough Atlantic sea. I love them both, but the first one is full of movement!
    I suffered with Tickbite fever too a few years back.... take it might be a few months before you are totally recovered! It's quite debilitating! Huge hugs XXXX

  9. Thanks Debbie, yes, it is always like that: a first try comes out very good, and it is impossible to repeat the magic!

  10. It is the music of the ocean that you have captured here Marie,loved both of them!

  11. I've missed you Marie...

    So glad you're feeling better. Amazing how quickly things can change isn't it. Savor those precious moments, eh?

    I love that top painting especially. I expect your spirit is flying up there enjoying the scene with those lovely sea birds!!

  12. Padmaja, thank you, I love your poetic words!

    Thank you, Marian, yes I felt that way, truly, you sum up my exact feeling I had when I realised that this was my real habitat!

    Thank you, Tim! And welcome to my blog!


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