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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Diamonds on the West Coast

Diamonds, like all other products, have been given to man to utilize and create jobs. If you are not into the romantic side of these blingy bits, consider that they are also very useful in industry because of their hardness and strength.

I found these lovely colourful diamond trawlers at Lambert's Bay, the best area for maritime diamond mining. This industry has only been commercially viable since the 1990's. Seabed crawlers can be remote controlled but mostly divers are needed. These divers, who can only work about six days per month because of our famous stormy waters, have to work in the cold of the Atlantic Ocean for up to 8 hours. When they spot diamond-bearing gravel on the seabed they direct the suction hoses towards it.

The gravel is then pumped onto sorting tables. When the boats return, the diamonds are taken ashore. What I loved about this scene was the hollow hoses floating on top of the water, providing seating for hundreds of Cape Cormorants.


  1. I didn't know any of this... What an interesting lot of information! Excellent painting too.

  2. Wow, you've done this trawler beautifully Marie! (I just LOVE boat paintings! Have I said that before...?) How blessed you are to have these sights close-by!

  3. Fascinating... so interesting to learn this...

    You nailed that boat too!!

  4. Thank you, Charlene. Those cormorants really attracted my attention to diamond trawlers, An d I was glad!

    Thanks, Maree, yes you have told me. We must get you here to paint a few yourself!

    Thank you, Marian. I am happy to find new things here all the time!

  5. I was ignorant of the whole lot of info you shared here.. a lovely painting too Marie!

  6. Thank you, Liana! I have started to concentrate less on water and reflections and they seem to get better and less forced!

    Thank you, Padmaja! You ,of course, provide wonderful info as well!

  7. Wow, diamonds from the ocean floor! Who would have ever thunk it?!!
    A wonderful painting of a seagoing vessel, Marie!

  8. Great painting. Its obvious that you have spent a lot of time observing boats, as your paintings exude a real intimacy with your subject. Painting them seems to be so natural for you. I love the perspective and composition in this and the red reflection in the water.

  9. Wow! Such a complex subject and yet painted so beautifully :0)

  10. Beautiful Marie and thanks for the info whoch I didn't know!

  11. Thank you, Dean! I am glad you like my boat!

    Catherine, I feel drawn to boats but also to seabirds. I can only comment that I probably live in the right place here.

    Thank you, Sandra and Ronelle!

  12. Well, I never knew diamonds were also mined underwater!
    Nice painting, Marie..and Happy New Year!

  13. Thank you, Mary! I had tick-bite fever, something we DO get in South Africa because we visit places with bushes and I am slowly becoming motivated to work again! Your lovely will certainly contribute in getting me to pick up the brushes!


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