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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Legend of Lelieblom Farm

(With apologies to Hans Christian Anderson, the Brothers Grimm and Paulo Coelho)
“Once upon a time there was a large old shed.
The shed had saddles and bridles on its walls and crumbling paint which looked nicer than the most expensive paint techniques. But the shed was lonely.

Some walls went up, beloved and well-used antique furniture and carpets moved in and the shed became a homestead. But the shed- homestead was still lonely.

Tables laden with beautiful cloths, crockey and cutlery moved in. And from the kitchen came the sound of planning and cooking and the lovely flavours of food filled the atmosphere. Lots of people started to negotiate the dirt road between Darling and Moorreesburg and turned right at the Big Cross. They passed farm implements and parked very carefully because horses, a sow and her piglets and a large dog called Max were there to welcome them.The people entered the building and were overpowered by the friendliness and hospitality and wonderful aromas and happiness and they never wanted to leave again. The shed- house-restaurant hummed a happy and contented tune and wasn’t lonely anymore. The End”

I chose a little corner of the kitchen inglenook at Lelieblom Farm to paint. Everywhere you look, there is such a thrilling contrast of textures. At a Mother and Daughter Tea morning, my daughter Susan and I admired the charming show of dainty cakes and porcelain teacups laid out on a lovely worn Persian carpet. I recommend that you look at the Lelieblom website (just Google it) for photographs of the table settings and the unusual decor, menus brimful of hearty local food, and a listing of interesting future events.


  1. My wereld Marie!!! Dis pragtig!!!! en jy skryf sooo mooi dat ek self daardie plek wil gaan besoek! Wat kos my Lelieblom skildery? Dis sooo mooi, dankie!!!
    Lelieblom liefde

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  3. I always tend to do something unexpected on the blog. UNISA lecturer Marion Arnold used to say: Never bore the Eye!!!!! Even when I do a small illustration I try to remember that. So, thank you, Lelieblom, I am happy if you are happy! Imagine the disappointment if some-one expects me to do a hotel and I paint the chair in the entrance hall!

  4. Hi Marie .Congratulations on your wonderful career as a painter - artist .
    I imagine that many of these works are created by you.
    The stories are beautiful .
    A kiss .

  5. Dear Loli, nice to meet you. Yes, I paint every single scene.....

  6. Lovely! I would love to visit Lelieblom too one day! Marie, I'm sur you will enjou "this": and ente some more of your beautiful art in our group. Thanks!


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