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Thursday, July 2, 2009

About Real and Ornamental Vines

South Africa's vineyards are mostly situated in the Western Cape. Yup, we have it all! What was previously known as Mamreweg Co-operative is now known as Darling Cellars, popular for their Shiraz and Merlot and some exotic blends. A very large complex is being planned on the grounds, but at the moment the visitors centre and tasting room can be found in this very charming and homely building.

The pergola is covered with the ornamental gravevine, Vitis Vinefera, which shows a burst of autumn colours throughout the year. Leaves will drop down continiously but because of the beauty of the plant this could never be considered a nuisance. The abundant colonies of birds would have made a tremendous mess if there were real grapes here! So enter the lovely semi-shaded area on a warmer winter's day, order a glassful "and fall apart in my back yard"!


  1. What a lovely cottage Marie, and you give it a special character - lovely painting. Just dying to do some wine tasting now!

  2. Lovely, indeed! Can feel the winter sun warming a cold person holding a glass of exceptional wine....Wish I could have been there, to experience this beauty. The ornamental grapevine still offers the colour...


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