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Monday, May 4, 2009

O, Look! There is the Mountain!

Table Mountain is truly visible from almost anywhere in the Cape and its surroundings. On the West Coast, where it is flat, you can be in a friend's house, a restaurant or even my own studio and see a bit of it. You can drive from Malmesbury, Mamre or Melkbosstrand and there will suddenly be a breathtaking view of it. But we never tire of this marvel and will always exclaim: O look! There is the Mountain!

I am painting the main house at Bokbaai, a National Monument, and will post it soon. But I am first taking you around the back to the land end of the property. Climbing the slope behind the house, I saw a West Coast chimney and walked towards it. There I noticed a brave little corrugated iron canopy over the back door, with little chance of protecting the entrance against heavy rain (remember, I live close by and have first-hand experience of the winter rains here). The fields on the incline were greenish and it seemed as if the first rain had already brought forth a few clumps of flowers.

And suddenly the clouds lifted somewhat and there it was: that blue mountain of hope. To give Table Mountain a look of gentle purity in my painting, I spread a blue-grey, almost denim colour thickly. Into that wet colour I dropped layer upon layer of white paint until a soft fuzziness developed. This very plain picture is the result.


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! The mountain guards the coast like an angel...

    When the Gauteng-orphans come to the Cape coast our eyes are always, but always, on the mountain. To my mind the view from the West Coast is the best...for so many miles you see just the flat surface and suddenly: Look!There is the mountain!

    Driving through Cape Town proper has always been such an unsettling experience for us. We tend to TRY and find our way by looking at the mountain. Hah! This mountain angel has a way of showing up at the end of every cul de sac, each and every turn you take off the main higway...there it is, and you are immediately and completely lost!

    My most treasured memory of the mountain: we arrived in Cape Town from East London in total darkness...It was raining and we could not see further than the car's headlights. Fell into an exhausted sleep and woke up to see the mountain in all its glory - close enough to touch.

    Beautiful mountain, beautiful painting! Well done -

  2. This is beautiful, dit spreek to my innerlike binneste


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